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Welcome to the Onslow County School's Technology web site consisting of Media and Instructional Technology (MIT) and Information Technology (IT) divisions.  You may ask your self what is the difference between MIT and IT?  Quite simply, IT is part of the Auxiliary Services department and maintains the hardware, software and network and messaging systems.  Whereas MIT is part of the Instructional Services and Continuous Improvement department and provides training and staff development for our technology initiatives.  Combined our divisions provides a broad range of services to the school district, with the goal of furthering the District mission to provide a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future. Our highly professional staff strives to provide excellent customer service and high quality technical support to all employees and students of the school district.

We welcome you to browse through the web site for more detailed information on the services that we provide.  

If you would like to request support at this time, please refer to the Requesting Assistance link for additional information.