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Themed Elementary

Themed Elementary General Overview


In the fall of 2008, the Onslow County School System formed a “Themed Elementary School Prototype Committee” to examine strategies for enhancing K-5 instructional programming. At the start of the 2009-10 academic year, the first themed elementary school in Onslow County, Stateside Elementary, opened as an “IMPACT School of National Pride”. Research on themed elementary schools shows that they possess the following key components:

  • Students as active participants
  • Research-centered assignments/hands-on projects
  • Highly structured interdisciplinary education program
  • Concentrated instruction in all core subjects
  • Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Parent involvement pact
  • Required student school/community involvement
  • Positive behavior model
  • Strict code of conduct and dress code
  • School-wide homework policy
  • Tutorial and enrichment programs
  • Support for theme
  • Theme embedded in daily culture
  • Professional learning communities
  • Second language
  • Specialized programs
  • Grants
  • Academic enrichment activity
  • Sustainability
  • Traditions
  • Specialized scheduling
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Project based learning

 Current List of Onslow County Themed Schools

The graphic below shows the expansion of the themed model in Onslow since 2009.



Year of Implementation

Brief Description

Contact Information

Stateside Elementary School: An IMPACT School of National Pride


Driving forces of student academic success are the IMPACT model, Big

(910) 478-3460

Blue Creek Elementary: A School of Scientific Inquiry


Inquiry through the Science lens expands student learning pathways in other academic areas.

(910) 347-1717

Hunter’s Creek Elementary School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Teaching and learning geared and focused through STEM.

(910) 353-4443

Silverdale Elementary: A Leaders in Training School


As students understand the leadership potential in themselves, they excel academically and socially.

(910) 326-5146

Sand Ridge Elementary: A Global Partner


Focus on global studies broadens students’ understanding of the world.

(910) 326-5199

Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet School of International Studies

2007-2008 became an elementary magnet school. Completed themed elementary documentation in 2012-13.

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme serves as the curricular framework for international studies and cultural arts.

(910) 347-1261

Northwoods Elementary Magnet School of Technology and Innovation


Students accessing learning and experiencing academic success through technology and innovation.

(910) 347-2808

Summersill Elementary: A Mindful School


Through modeling the 16 dispositions of Habits of Mind research, students take responsibility for learning and develop enduring student success traits.

(910) 455-2672

Richlands Elementary: Communities in Action School


Taking community action on campus and beyond through problem based learning and research.

(910) 324-4142

Meadow View Elementary: An A+ School of Music and Cultural Arts


Connecting curriculum through music and the cultural arts.

(910) 478-3522

Dixon Elementary: A School of Global Stewardship


Through learning experiences, children see themselves as stewards of the world and environment.

(910) 327-2104

Queens Creek Elementary International Green School


Emphasis on students learning about the environment and making an impact now and for future generations.

(910) 326-5115

Carolina Forest International Elementary School


Focus on the Global Passport Model broadens students’ understanding of their world and the larger world around them.

(910) 346-1778

Swansboro Elementary: School of Design Thinking


Design thinking is human-centered problem solving with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity and empathy.

(910) 326-1501

Jacksonville Commons Elementary: A Leader in Me School


Focus on leadership and Covey’s 7 Habits.

(910) 347-1056

Southwest Elementary: School of Environmental Education


Core curriculum connected with environmental studies.

(910) 347-0900

Morton Elementary STEAM School


STEM emphasis connected with the Arts.

(910) 353-0930

Richlands Primary: Communities in Action School


Taking community action on campus and beyond through problem based learning and research connected with the Covey model.

(910) 324-3139

Parkwood Elementary:

International Habits of Mind School


Through modeling the 16 dispositions of Habits of Mind research, students take responsibility for learning and develop enduring student success traits.

(910) 347-6711

Bell Fork Elementary School of Excellence


Students and staff members striving towards excellence through the Covey model lens.

(910) 347-4459







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