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Order Sheets For Maintenance Dept

View Order Sheets For Maintenance Department

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Child Nutrition Contracts


3883T - Cafeteria Hood Cleaning and Fire Inspection (Expires 9/30/17)

Maintenance/Bus Garage Contracts

2727D - Uniform Service Contract (Expires 7/31/20)

3219B - Waste Disposal Service (Expires 6/30/18)

3269B- Uniform Service Contract - Dust Mops & Shop Towels (Expires 9/30/18)

3467D - OEM Thomas Built Bus Parts (Expires 1/31/18)

3475T - Air Monitoring Service (Expires 01/31/18)
MA1005R-Indoor Bleacher Service Contract (Expires 03/31/18)
3482T - Restripe Parking Lots (Expires 3/31/18)
3504T - Termite Control Services (Expires 6/30/21)
3519T - Warehouse Storage Building Lease (Expires 12/31/18)
3522T - Fire & Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services (Expires 7/31/18)
3523T - Generator Service Agreement (Expires 5/31/18)
3524T - Refinish Gym Floors (Expires 07/31/19)
MA1018R - Painting Buses (Expires 6/30/18)

3556T - Relocate Modular Buildings (Expires 7/31/18)

3591T - Sand Filter System Operation Service (Expires 7/31/18)

3632T - Washing Vehicles (Expires 1/31/19)

3665T - Covered Walkways (Expires 5/31/18)

3687T - DOT/CDL & Asbestos Physicals (Expires 6/30/17)

3697T - Pipe Insulation Replacement (Expires 6/30/17)

3705T - Waste Material Disposal Service (Expires 7/31/18)

3720T - Bulk Motor Oil and Transmission Fluid (Expires 8/31/18)

3727T - International Bus Replacement Parts (Expires 8/31/18)

3728T - Window Assembly Replacement (Expires 8/31/18)

3734T - Interior Painting Projects (Expires 8/31/18)

3767T - Carpet and Seat Cleaning Service (Expires 11/30/18)

3799T - Front Door Electronic Entry System Upgrade Project (Expires 6/30/18) 

MA1012R - Gutter & Downspout Repair & Replacement (Expires 6/01/18)

3814T - Bus Cameras (Expires 5/31/18)

3836T - Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, and Backflow Services (Expires 4/30/18)

3850T - Exterior Painting Projects (Expires 6/30/18)

3851T - Pest Control (Expires 6/30/18)

3862T - Chain Link and Vinyl Fence (Expires 6/30/18)

3870T - Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Services (Expires 9/30/18)

3897T - Acoustical Ceiling Tile (Expires 12/31/18)

MA1002R- HYDRO STOP (Expires (3/31/18)

 MA1004R-Storage Container Rental (Expires (3/31/18)

MA1030R Repair Electronic Equipment (Expires (9/30/2018)

MA1032R Service/Repair Man Lift Equipment (Expires(10/31/2018))

MA1039R Concrete  (Expires 3/31/2018)

MA1045R - Repair and Replacement of Asphalt Parking Lots (Expires 6/30/18)

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