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DLTS Guides and Documents

Ok, even we need to refer to "How To" Guides from time to time.  Keep checking back because as the new technology emerges so does the need for step by step user guides. 

Want a particular "How To" Guide?  Let us know and we'll make one.

Folder 1:1 Initiative (15 Files)
Sub Folder Digital Learning and Teaching Classroom Resources (Posters) (5 Files)
pdf file Digital Learning Platform 2016
pdf file Got Internet?
pdf file How to Log In
pdf file Standards of Practice 2016-2017
pdf file Digital Class Etiquette
Sub Folder District Issued Device & Personally Owned Device Forms (2 Files)
pdf file District Issued Device Agreement Form
pdf file District Issued Device Responsible Use Guidelines
Sub Folder BOE Policies (5 Files)
pdf file Internet Safety: 3226-4205
pdf file Prohibition Against Discrimination, Bullying, and Harrassement (Cyberbullying): 1710
pdf file Technology Responsible Use Agreement Form: 3225-7320
pdf file Technology Responsible Use: 3225-7320
pdf file Use of Computers: 6523
Sub Folder 1:1 Files (3 Files)
pdf file 1 to 1 Announcement Letter to Parents
pdf file Multimedia Consent FERPA Notice - 2105-16
pdf file Opt out form
Folder Technology Plan 2014-2016 (1 Files)
pdf file OCS Tech Plan 2014-2016.pdf
Folder Destiny and Follett Shelf (3 Files)
pdf file 1:1 Laptop Circulation Type Setup
pdf file Accessing EBooks in FollettShelf
pdf file Exporting & Importing a MARC Record
Folder NCEd Cloud (4 Files)
pdf file Clear your cache.pdf
pdf file Claim NCED Cloud Account
pdf file NCEd Cloud Login (Grades 6-12)
pdf file NCEd Cloud Login for Elem Students
Folder OnslowView (2 Files)
pdf file Onslow View PD 1.pdf
pdf file OnslowView 5 Year Adoption Plan
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