Degrees and Certifications:

BA Elementary Education CPR and First Aid Certification Mental Health First Aid Certification

Ms. Strachan

Hello, 안녕하세요, & Aloha!

     My name is Jessica Strachan (pronounced: str-awn) and I am so glad to be here at Coastal Elementary! I love working with kids of all ages, but Elementary has definitely fixed itself in my heart in the past few years. I attended college at CCCC, ECU, and graduated in Elementary Education from UNCW. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved around a lot as a Marine Corps military child. I've been in NC since 2000, but I love to travel. I've visited France, England, Scotland, and Wales, and still have many places on my list I'd love to explore, like Rome, Japan, and South Korea.

I have a daughter named Maren and a cat named Hei Hei! Maren likes to travel with me, we like playing video games, the beach and trying new restaurants together. I'm half Korean and I hope to share my culture with your kiddos this year in class. I love plants/gardening, gaming, music, and weight lifting. I love tea, coffee, and the mountains! I have Lupus but I'm very open about it with my students, so they can ask me any questions they like. I sometimes have a cane in class. It gets a lot of laughs from the kiddos, but I don't mind at all.

I strive for a calm classroom that is welcoming and warm, where kindness and teaching kids self-confidence is my priority.

I love giving my students choices, chances for movement, and a voice. I believe in spending time building their character and helping them become great independent people. We do a lot of game-based learning and creation. I can't wait to work together with you as a team to give these kids the best year ever!

Thank you, 감사합니다, & Mahalo,

Ms. Strachan (Str-awn)