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  • Federal Impact Cards


    Parents/Guardians - Federal Impact Cards have been sent home with your students today (11/13/18).  Please fill out the survey and send back with your student as soon as possible.  If you would like some further guidence with filling out the survey, please click here to view a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the survey properly.  Thanks you!

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  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving Dinner



    Come and enjoy a Pre=Thanksgiving Meal with our students and staff.


    Thursday, November 15, 2018


    The cost is $4.00 each

    (per adult and per sibling)

    Includes: 1- entrée




    Lunch Schedule for November 15th

    3rd Grade

    (Barry, Doyle) 9:45-10:30, (Braswell, Hinton) 9:55-10:40, (Thompson) 10:05-10:50

    4th Grade

    (Tuley) 10:05-10:50, (Sigler, Lowry) 10:15-11:00, (Suhody, Adams) 10:25-11:10

    1st Grade

    (Gilchrist, Harris) 10:45-11:30, (Scuron, Prince) 10:55-11:40, (Williams, Breen) 11:05-11:50


    (Gordon, Francis) 11:15-12:00, (Shoults, Delane) 11:25-12:10, (Tyska) 11:35-12:20

    2nd Grade

    (Brown, Evans) 11:45-12:30, (Ott, Ward) 11:55-12:40, (Vance, Horne) 12:05-12:50

    5th Grade

    (Siciliano, Jack) 12:15-1:00, (Wheeler, Jackson) 12:25-1:10, (Schneider) 12:35-1:20

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