Mr. John M. Snyder



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. John M. Snyder

My Teaching Philosophy....

 I believe that schools were never intended to be educational assembly lines No two students learn in exactly the same way and effective teaching, teaching which provides the student with a deep understanding,  is more than sitting in straight rows, rote memorization, and endless mind numbing worksheets. To be effective, a teacher must analyze the data that they gather about each child and then utilizing that information to modify instruction to best serve that child's needs. Through this cycle of teaching, assessing, modifying instruction, and re-teaching I am able to strike upon exactly the right combinations needed to stimulate a deep understanding of the topic.  While not every single thing in school can be super exciting, I always try to keep my classroom atmosphere light, and to make learning meaningful, as exciting as possible, and most importantly foster a classroom environment where students feel challenged but safe to make mistakes without the fear of ridicule. 


The Mission...

While many things have changed in education over the years my mission has always been, and continues to be, to create life-long learners and to provide each child with the best possible education; an individualized education based on their particular learning styles and individual interests. My mission is also to create learners who never get tired of asking the question "Why?" and who possess the drive to seek out the answers to questions rather than depending on others to answer the questions for them.  My job is to help my students realize their dreams by creating the educational foundation needed to graduate high school, and to go on to college if that is the course that they set.  By holding high expectations, providing a safe, structured, classroom environment where students feel challenged but never frustrated, and by creating a classroom culture of pride, teamwork, acknowledgement, and support, I have been able to successfully accomplish my mission for the last 12 years. 


My Classroom....

Visit my classroom and you will find students working in small groups, doing experiments, participating in hands on activities, and exploring our universe through reading, research, and a wide assortment of technologies.  I demand much from my students and I tend to "over teach". In my room you will find highly motivated, self-starting and, self-reliant students who are well on their way to becoming life-long learners.  My students take responsibility for their own learning. They are problem solvers who can, and do, accomplish spectacular things that are well above the meager "grade level" limits that serve only to stifle unlimited student growth.  I strive to prepare my students not only for the next grade level but also for high school graduation, and for the challenges that await members of a 21 century work force.  


Dreams and Dreamers....

In one way or another a teacher has impacted the life of every single person in our society. The impact that we make can be positive, or it can be negative. Every single child sitting in my classroom could someday become a world leader, an important scientist, or in some other way change the world that we live in. 


As a teacher it is up to me to ensure that my impact is a positive one. It is up to me to encourage dreams, and to inspire confidence within the dreamer. 


God bless and Semper Fi


John M. Snyder

Teacher,Tutor, and Retired Marine


BVA Life Member

"Our First Duty Is To Remember"



  • University of North Carolina in Wilmington (UNCW) B.A. Elementary Education


  • United States Marine Corps Retired