• What is Chess Club?

    Chess Club is an extracurricular, afterschool/online club with regular practices and one annual countywide competition for selected students.  Intersted students should email Ms. McGowan. 
    How can I participate?

    There are no tryouts for Chess Club, any student may join and play so long as they continue to pass their classes. The JCMS Chess Team, however, will be a try-out team as the number of students able to participate in the annual competition is limited.  Participants in both club and competition team will develop logic, problem solving, and visualization skills by using Chess as a hands-on approach to learning.  Additionally, students learn algebraic and geometric concepts using Chess as a game model.

    2020-21 OCS Chess Competition

    Date: TBD

    Time: TBD

    Location: TBD


    All students on both the JCMS Chess Club and the JCMS Competition Team will be held to the same standard as student atheletes. This means that student's grades will be checked weekly, students should not end up in ISS/OSS, and students represent JCMS at all times therefore they are to be respectful to all those around them.