My name is Victoria "Lyndsay" Brister, and I am the School Counselor at JCES. I am here to support our JCE families to the best of my ability. Please feel free to contact me at 910-347-1056 or victoria.brister@onslow.k12.nc.us. I look forward to working with you and your students.


    The goal of school guidance counseling is to provide an opportunity for all students to participate in a purposefully coordinated guidance program. Our program is student-centered. It includes whole group, small group, and individual guidance to assist students academically, emotionally, personally, and socially. The involvement of parents and community members helps to actualize this goal.


    The terms harassment and bullying are defined by Board policy as any pattern of gestures or written, electronic or verbal communications, or any physical act or any threatening communication that:

    • Places a student in actual and reasonable fear of harm to his or her person or damage to his or her property or;
    • Creates or has the potential to create a hostile environment by substantially interfering with or impairing a student’s educational performance, opportunities, or benefit.

    “Hostile environment” means that the victim subjectively views the conduct as harassment or bullying and that the conduct is objectively severe or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would agree that it is harassment or bullying.


    Reporting Bullying & Harrasement

    Bullying/harassment reporting forms for teachers, parents, and students are available in the front office and on the school’s webpage. Reports may be made anonymously or submitted directly to the school administrative team.