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    Help: I am having tech issues!! Please follow this steps!!

    If you are having technical issues with screens not loading or videos not playing, etc... We ask that you use the steps below to try and fix your issue before calling Ed Options support or bringing your laptop to your school for support. 99% of the issues have be resolved when students performed the steps below.

    1) Clear cache/search history in browser. If that does not work go to step 2

    2) Switch browser (either Goggle chrome or Internet Explorer) works best. If that does not work go to step 3.

    3) Close all tabs, save all work and power off computer. Do not select restart, select shut down. Allow computer to power off and stay off for about 1 minute. Turn back on computer and login. If that does not work go to step 4

    4) If possible, try a non Onslow County School computer. If the site loads and all runs fine, then mostly likely, it is an issue with either our computer or our filters. Bring the computer to your face to school and complete a help desk ticket.

    If the site does not work, the it is an Ed Options issue. Call Ed Options support at 1-866-890-8153

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