Degrees and Certifications:

Maya Ramos

Hello! My name is Mrs. Ramos and I'm your School Social Worker at Summersill Elementary School! I'm originally from New Jersey, but have lived in many places, such as New York, California, Virginia, and even Japan. Most recently, I've moved to North Carolina due to my husband's military orders. I'm happy to be at Summersill Elementary School and so excited to help all the families of this wonderful community.

I obtained my bachelors degree in Asian Studies from Mary Baldwin University, and later received my masters degree in Social Work from Monmouth University. I have over 10 years of social work experience working in many communities and schools.

I have a blended family, which consists of 4 children, a fur baby and my husband. In my spare time I love to travel, meet new people, and connect with all of my family and friends. 

I truly enjoy helping families and I look forward to working with you and your family. 

  • Commonly Asked Questions 

    What is a school social worker?

    A school social worker is a specialist in the area of social work and education who serves the needs of students, parents, and educators within the school setting.  School social workers serve as a link between the school and home of individual students.  The rationale for the presence of social workers in the school is to ensure that students have the opportunity to learn.  Problems which interfere with the student's achievement or school adjustment are addressed by the school social worker.  The school social worker attempts to coordinate family, school, and community resources to resolve these needs.  The school social worker works as part of a team of professionals in the school.  This team strives to help students, parents, and school personnel provide the most positive educational experience possible.

    Are you DSS?

    No. The Division of Social Services (DSS) is a separate entity from the school. There are different types of social workers. There are social workers who work for DSS and there are social workers who work for the school. They are NOT the same.

    Can you come to my home?

    Yes, as the school social worker I’m able to complete home visits. A home visit could be completed to get important paperwork signed, such as an IEP; a home visit could be completed to drop off food or holiday resources; or even to notify a parent of a sick child, if the parent hasn’t picked up the phone or the contact information isn’t up to date.

    Are you a truancy officer?

    School social workers have some job responsibilities which are like truancy officers. School social workers work closely with the data managers at each school and assist with any attendance or truancy concerns. School social workers partner with families to develop an attendance plan. We want our students to be successful. When students continue to miss school or are chronically late or checked out early, a student’s academics suffer.