• Rules and Regulations 

    All Onslow County and OCLC rules will be enforced in my class, and infractions will be handled in the way dictated in those policies. 


    Class Routine

    Start of Class

    • Enter quietly
    • Put point sheets in yellow basket
    • Grab laptop
    • Sit in assigned seat
    • Look at the day’s assignments under the “Lesson Plans’ Channel on Teams, and then do the Warmup/1st Assignment. (Silence during this time). We will go over the Warmup as a class afterwards.


    End of Class

    • Work until I ask you to pack up.
    • Sanitize desk and laptops
    • Return your materials to their proper places in an organized manner.
    • Leave quietly with your returned point sheet.


    Clevenger’s Rules

    1. Respect Others and Ourselves
    • No insulting or fighting. Be kind to ourselves.
    1. Respect Property
    • Do not damage class/school property and treat it kindly.
    1. Speak and Dress Properly
    • No cursing, hoods, hats, etc.
    1. Use Time Wisely
    • Use Bathroom before class and stay awake and on task.
    1. Follow OCLC Rules
    • Know and follow all other OCLC and OCS rules.


    Grade Weights

    Test= 40%
    Quizzes = 30%
    Classwork = 30%