• High School Art


    Intro/Beginning Art

    Drawing and Design - First 6 weeks

    Learn the principles of drawing and the elements of design that can be used to create truly inspiring artwork

    Color Theory - Weeks 7-12

    Using Color to Enhance your work (You will need access to coloring tools for this Unit

    Digital Art/Photography - Weeks 13 - 16

    Exploring the ideas of Photography and photoshop

    We use PIXLR.COM for our photoshop tool - You can use your Computer camera, a phone, or a personal camera for this unit

    Personal Expression - Weeks 17 - 18


    Eye Portrait

     Advanced Art (Intermediate)

    Still Life Weeks 1 - 3

    Portraiture 4 - 7

    Landscapes 8-12

    Abstraction 13 - 15

    You Teach Us - Weeks 16 - 18




    Bob Dylan

    Year 3 (Proficient)

    Once you have completed Beginning and Intermediate art, you are allowed to focus your art into the following individualized classes to explore





    You will teach us about you as an artist throughout this course

    You will explore the artists, styles, techniques, medium of your choice and create videos and visuals that allow us to understand the importance of your art

    Weeks 1-6

    Modern Art (1850 - 1970)

    Weeks 7-12

    Contemporary Art (1980 - Present)

    Weeks 13-18

    Completing your final project and finalizing your portfolio


    Be different


    Middle School Art Classes are divided up by grade level starting in 6th grade and scaffolding up through 7th and into 8th

    STudents will complete an art history based curriculum that explores specific artists and introduces students to various abstract and realistic styles and techniques. 

    Middle School students will share their art time with High School students. I will be devoting the first half of each day to my high school students, and the second half of each class time to my middle school students. Middle School students will be given instructions on TEAMS of what they should be working on at the beginning of the period. They will then have the second half of each class period devoted to their project and lesson and show their progress at the end of each class.