Military Students and Families


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    Military Students

    Onslow County Schools has teamed up with USMC Camp Lejeune – New River School Liaison Program to support military dependent students attending school both in the county as well as on the bases.  In an effort to build a partnership, the team has visited every school and presented an overview of their roles and responsibilities.  As advocates for military children, they provide resources and make referrals on their behalf.  The liaisons serve as the "point of contact" for issues relating to the academic, social and emotional well-being of military dependent students.  They can provide information on the availability of support groups and guide staff members to appropriate resources to meet the needs of military dependent students.  Together, the team is eager to assist in helping students develop and achieve resiliency because KIDS SERVE TOO!!!

    For assistance, call or email:                                                         

    Danielle Merrell, OCS Military Transition Counselor
    (910) 326-4300 Ext. 75205

    April O'Brien, Camp Lejeune-New River School Liaison
    (910) 449-9749/ (910) 358-3926



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