Welcome to OCS

  • Dr. Barry D. Collins


    Thank you for your interest in Onslow County Schools (OCS). The past few school years were a challenge for our entire community. Like many districts in the region, state, and nation, OCS has experienced disruptions to instructional time, hiring processes, and more.  

    On behalf of the Onslow County Board of Education and all our administrators, teachers and staff, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last few years and for their dedication to "Raising the Bar" with us moving forward.

    Our goals for this school year and beyond include empowering students, exceeding expectations, and achieving exceptional outcomes. These goals can not only be measured by test scores and data, but by the community and morale we all foster in the coming year. 

    The district is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all, refocusing on instruction, and increasing support for our students as we all work together to get back on track.

    From our staff, including principals, teachers, bus drivers, custodians, district leadership, and everyone in between, we are asking for a commitment to growth, accountability, and teamwork. 

    From our families, we are asking for involvement, understanding, and collaboration. 

    From our students, we are asking for dedication, a desire to grow, and a willingness to learn. 

    From our community, we are asking for your continued support and partnership. 

    OCS is proud to be your public school system. We are also proud of our dedicated and hard-working staff who serve over 27,000 students each day, the outstanding people who transport, feed, teach and support the most important resource in our community – our children.

    The dedicated team of professionals at OCS are here to serve the children of Onslow County. Together, we can raise the bar for OCS and empower everyone in our school community to exceed their own expectations.  

    Thank you, and God bless,
    Dr. Barry D. Collins, Superintendent

    OCS Raising the Bar