Preschool Support Staff

  • Preschool Support Staff

    Education Specialist

    Education Specialists focus on the preschol teacher and classroom.  They work directly with the teacher to ensure the classroom runs smoothly.  Education specialists assist the teachers with implementing the Creative Curriculum and utilizing the My Teaching strategies online assessment.  They plan and/or facilitate professional develpment and pre-service training for teaching staff.  Education specialists are actively involved in the preschool leadership team meetings.  They also conduct PLC meetings with classroom staff and/or any other meetings or trainings relevant to their job.

    Family Specialist/Service Workers/ School Social Worker 

    Family service team creates, provides and coordinates services and activities with families and communities that foster strength, healthy living, and overall well-being.  They also provide support in a case management style and act as a liaison between families, staff, the community and other family-related services.  The Family service team encourages all family members to become advocates for their children and family. 

    Preschool Office Support

    Office support work with families in accessing preschool information and resources.  They oversee the preschool application process, provide support to families. Additionally, they assist with transistion activities and community activities to suport the overall preschool program. 

    Exceptional Children Staff

    Exceptional Childfen staff works with families to ensure eligible children with disabilities are appropriately serviced through a range of enviornments, to include walk-in or play-group services, services in the home or daycare, or services in a preschool setting. 


    The Director oversees the preschool program (Head Start, Title I, NCPK & Exceptional Children) for Onslow County Schools to include monitoring of fiscal management, program operations, program management, quality improvement and supervision of preschool support staff. 


    Early Childhood Initiatives

    Luisa Davis

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56002


    Susan Agrue

    (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56003

    Assistant Director

    Melinda Watkins

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56049

    Preschool Coordinator

    Sonya Jones

    (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56056

     Office Support

    Child Applications

    Barbara Acevedo

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56054 

    Family Service Worker

    Janie Marshburn

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56053

    Family Specialist

    Sarah Phillips

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56052 

    PreK School Social Worker

    Traci Yates

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56051

    Family Specialist

    Hannah Bradshaw

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56059 

    NC PreK Coordinator

    Brandy Lammonds

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56022

    Education Specialist

    Gwen Macias

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56072

    Education Specialist

    Olympia Scott

     (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56050

    Education Specialist

    Suzie McGlaughon 

    Transition Planner

    Jeaneal Megan Plyant

     (910)989-2021 Ext. 56010

    EC PreK Coordinator

    Jane Biggs

    (910) 989-2021 Ext. 56012

    EC PreK Office Support