• Dual Language Immersion words


    Buenos días! ¿Estás listo para un gran día?
    Good morning! Are you ready for a great day? 

    That’s how students in our three elementary Spanish Immersion programs start their day, much like all our other students. Beginning in Kindergarten, students practice their letters, colors and shapes, read books together, and learn how to add and subtract.

    The difference? Immersion students learn almost all their lessons – in Spanish.

    In immersion programs, Spanish is not taught as a separate subject; instead, instruction is delivered in Spanish.

    Onslow County Schools is committed to helping our children become citizens of the world, with an appreciation for people and cultures across the globe. Technology is shrinking the world, and students who are fluent in another language will have incredible advantages over peers who only speak English.

    There are other benefits, too:

    • Students in language immersion programs typically develop greater flexibility in how they learn, including increased memory, superior problem-solving skills and improved attention;
    • Immersion students achieve as well as, or better than, non-immersion peers on tests administered in English that measure verbal and math skills; and,
    • Many large worldwide companies are actively seeking employees who can communicate with ease in at least two languages.

    OCS offers Spanish immersion programs at two elementary schools:

    Elementary Spanish Immersion Programs:

    • Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet School of International Studies & Cultural Arts
    • Carolina Forest International Elementary School


    If you are interested in learning more about our Dual Language Immersion classrooms, please contact:
    Dr. Lisa Peele
    910 455-2211 ext.71221


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  • My child does not speak Spanish; how will they know what to do in the classroom?

  • Who teaches Spanish immersion classes?

  • How does my child get into a Spanish immersion program?

  • Can my child get into the Spanish immersion program after Kindergarten?

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