Global-Ready Designation & NC Global Educator Digital Badge Information

  • Global-Ready Designation

    In September 2011, the North Carolina State Board of Education formed a Task Force on Global Education to assess the state's efforts to produce globally competitive graduates ready to live, work, and contribute, in an interconnected world. Based on its findings, the Task Force made a number or recommendations that would help to ensure that public students are well-prepared.  

    One opportunity coming out of the Global Education Task Force work was the creation of criteria and a process for the Global Ready Schools Designation.  From the Final Report, in concert with global education partners, a Global-Ready designation for schools and districts that provides a process and incentives and addresses the following:

    • K-12 world language opportunities for all students;
    • Pathways for teachers, leaders and administrators to achieve SBE-recognized badging;
    • Career-ready employer requirements;
    • Global school partnerships; and
    • Local school board resolutions and plans on global education.

    Application and Guidance Documents attached. Additional guiding documents can be accessed at:

    Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers

    The principal and teacher archived webinars may be accessed along with the Implementation Guide and FAQs at:

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