North Carolina high school students are getting their ACT together. The nationally recognized college admissions and career readiness program is being administered in North Carolina high schools free of charge to students in the 2011-2012 school year. The ACT College Admissions Assessment will be given to every 11th grader, the PreACT assessment will be given to every 10th grader and the WorkKeys assessment will be administered to 12th grade Career and Technical Education concentrators. Both the ACT and PreACT are geared to the Common Core, the state curriculum standards initiative now accepted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. After a pilot year (2011-12), the ACT became part of North Carolina’s school accountability program in 2012-13.

    The ACT

    The ACT College Admissions Assessment will be given at no charge to all North Carolina 11th graders. ACT test results are widely accepted by college admissions offices and considered an accurate gauge of classroom achievement. ACT results may be used at the high school level to identify students who need assistance with certain subject areas or academic skills, evaluate effectiveness of instruction, and make adjustments to curriculum to improve instruction. Colleges use the ACT for admissions decisions, course placement, academic advising and loans and scholarships. 


    In order to support student success on the ACT, North Carolina administers the PreACT to students in the 10th grade. The PreACT is a diagnostic assessment that predicts future performance on the ACT. It also provides information to help parents, teachers, and students determine future goals. 

    ACT Test Scores


    To learn more about previous year's results on the ACT and Workkeys, click below.

    ACT Reports

    For more specificity on the assessments, read the PreACT and ACT Technical Manuals.