Work-Based Learning




    Work-based learning is an instructional strategy that provides students with a variety of experiences that are designed to bridge the gap between classroom instruction and the world of work. 

    WBL experiences provide students the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop employability skills leading to better informed career choices and readiness.   

    Work-based learning activities available to students in OCS:

    Job Shadowing - Students spend part of a day with a business mentor.  This is an unpaid experience.  The mentor works in an area of the student's career interest.  There is a Career Development Coordinator in each high school who will arrange job-shadowing experiences.

    Internships - Internships are a powerful form of work based learning involving structured and meaningful work experiences with responsibility and accountability.  Internships should challenge students to apply and build on their academic, technical and employability skills. Students are involved in these experiences for a minimum of one hundred (100) hours.  Most internships are not paid experiences. 

    Business/Industry Field Trips- A Business/Industry field trip is a work based learning opportunity for normally a group of students accompanied by a certified teacher.  The field trip allows students to observe, ask questions and learn from the experience of being on an actual worksite.  Business/Industry Field Trips extends the learning environment beyond the school building, thus emphasizing the relationship between school and work.
    Mentorships - Students are enrolled in specific courses that require these types of experiences.  Examples are clinical opportunities for Allied Health Sciences II and Medical Sciences II and child care settings for Early Childhood Education I & II.  These are unpaid work-based experiences.
    Field Trips - Field trips will serve as a preparatory/follow-up activity to enrich a regularly scheduled part of the instructional program.  Parental permission is required for students to participate.
    School-Based Enterprises - Projects that are ongoing such as Pro Start Catering, Construction Technology projects, and Auto Service Technology projects (re-building automobiles).  


    If you are interested in hosting students for any of the above Work-Based Learning Activities, please use click here.