Proctor Recruitment

  • If you're interested in becoming a proctor for assessments for this school year, please contact the school's test coordinator.


    • One-on-one, full time proctor; one proctor assisting one test administrator in one testing room
    • Roving proctor; one proctor assisting up to 3 test administrators in 3 testing rooms


    • Adult volunteers (18+ years of age, not enrolled as student in K-12 public school system)
    • Will not be assigned to room where relative or close acquaintance will be testing (friends, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, etc.)


    • Read NC Testing Code of Ethics
    • Maintain test security at all times
    • Ensure appropriate testing environment
    • Ensure materials are appropriately distributed 
    • Ensure appropriate test administration procedures are being followed
    • Assist students with emergencies and restroom breaks during testing
    • Monitor students
    • Follow appropriate procedures for providing accommodations
    • Report all irregularities
    • Maintain student confidentiality

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