School Counselors assist students with positive development in the three domains of Academic, Career, & Personal/Social concerns. It is our goal to assist all students in successfully transitioning into high school and from high school into college, the workforce, or the U.S. Armed Forces.
    You have the options; let us help you make the right choices!

    Graduation Requirements
    Promotion Requirements
    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    Four-Year Graduation Plans
    Academic Advising & Course Selection
    Enrichment Programs (Governor's School, Summer Ventures, and more!)
    SAT, ACT, & PSAT Registration
    Career & College Promise (Dual Enrollment)
    NC Virtual Public School
    Plato Course Recovery
    College/Leadership Field Trips
    Academic-based Classroom Guidance

    College Planning
    Career Exploration Activities
    Futures 4 Kids
    ASVAB Testing
    College Recommendations
    Financial Aid for College
    Scholarships for College
    Military Recruitment Information
    Parent Informational Meetings
    Resume Construction
    Career-based Classroom Guidance

    Individual Counseling
    Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution
    Transitioning to High School
    Suicide Assessment
    Attendance Concerns
    Crisis Intervention
    Community Agency Referrals
    Homebound Program
    Time Management
    Stress Management
    Anger Management
    Test Anxiety Strategies
    Grief Support
    Classroom Guidance

    Confidentiality means that the privacy of information that students share with counselors belongs to the students. Counselors recognize the legal rights and responsibilities of parents in doing what is in the best interest of the children.

    Exceptions to Confidentiality
    Students should know that there are exceptions where counselors are obligated to break confidentiality, including potential harm of the student or someone else, state laws that mandate reporting of child abuse, or a court of law that requires testimony or student records.

    Counselors occasionally consult with other school professionals, but in such cases only information necessary to achieving the goals of the conference will be be shared. In addition, counselors may keep informal notes regarding conferences.