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  • Maintenance is part of the Operations and Facilities Division.  The department is tasked with the conservation of all our facilites and equipment.  This duty leads us to work dilligently in perserving a safe and comfortable learning environment.   Maintaining nearly 4 million square feet of facilities and over 1300 acers, keeps Maintenance one of the most logistically involved divisions in the OCS System. A tremendous amount of coordination between departments, divisons and private contractors has to happen in order for us to conduct and complete our daily operation and projects. A diverse and knowledgeable staff, keeps the division embracing its responsibility of aiding our students, their families and our instructional staff.

    Maintenance and can be broken down into eight sub-departments: Carpentry, Custodial Services, Electrical, Facilities Management / Conservation, Grounds, HVAC / Refrigeration, Painting, Plumbing.



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    Schools and Administrators can enter non-urgent work orders in our SchoolDude work order system.     You can call Maintenance if a work order needs to be explained for more clarity, but a call is not a substitute for a work order.  All urgent requests need to be called into Maintenance immediately so that they can be addressed. Urgent issues include power outages, extreme building temperature issues, no hot water in cafeteria, security system issues, fire alarms or extreme plumbing issues, etc.