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    OCS Maintenance can be broken down into eight different service areas: Facility Management, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Grounds, Painting & Custodial. All together, each are essential components that continuously work together to ensure success in the daily operations of OCS.


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    FACILITY MANAGEMENT provides first line support and coordination for the upkeep, general maintenance and building improvements of each OCS facility. Day in and day out, OCS Facility Management ensures efficient working processes, strategizes relevant facility needs and innovative design projects, spearheads the IPM program, organizes and updates crucial building data and records, all while continuously maintaining energy conservation and balancing occupant comfort and general indoor air quality. Essential communication and teamwork with school principals, lead custodians, and administration all assist our team to guarantee well maintained, safe and energy-efficient facilities for our children to learn. 


    CARPENTRY includes but is not limited to the repair and preventative maintenance of all Onslow County School buildings as well as mobile classroom units. Carpenters repair, install, and maintain windows, window frames, moldings, ceilings, walls, sheet rock/paneling, blinds, sidewalks, etc., as necessary. Also, under the umbrella of carpentry falls our roofing workers, locksmiths, and flooring technicians. Each is responsible for the maintenance and repair of roofs, including roof drains, and gutters. Locksmiths maintain our lock and key systems. Flooring technicians maintain the scheduled installation and repair of any floor tile and/or carpet. 


    ELECTRICAL consists of general electrical maintenance, repair, and renovation services to each facility as needed. This could require emergency and routine work on electrical panels, fire alarms, switches, receptacles, light fixtures, emergency lighting, electric heat, and electric motors. They provide crucial assistance to custodial services with the upkeep and repair of custodial equipment. This assists in prolonging the service life of equipment, which equates to savings for Onslow County Schools.


    PLUMBING is responsible for installing and maintaining each facility's plumbing needs, such as repair and/or replacement of piping, sinks, water fountains and toilets.


    HVAC is responsible for general maintenance and repair of all HVAC systems in our facilities. This can also include the maintenance of select food service equipment. Their field expertise and professional recommendations for equipment and/or facility needs directly assist in sustaining a comfortable environment for our children and staff alike.



    GROUNDS work closely with lead school custodians to ensure the grass at each campus is maintained and manicured during the grass growing season. They are also responsible for maintaining fences, gates, mowing ditches, cleaning and repairing storm drains, and maintaining parking lots and roads.  




    PAINTING work efficiently each day to complete interior & exterior beautification of our facilities as needed while also strategizing preventive painting and maintenance of each facility as needed.


    CUSTODIAL SERVICES operate at each individual facility and carry out a wide variety of tasks daily. They work to ensure a safe and healthy environment while establishing a focused cleaning program that emphasizes “cleaning for health.”  Our custodial staff members are incredibly flexible individuals who truly know our facilities inside and out and offer a wealth of knowledge to everyone around them. They are responsible for: cleaning OCS administration buildings, OCS schools and other facilities as instructed. 




     The descriptions & job details above are for informational purposes only. They do not indicate a current need and/or vacancy. Each job description details a variety of job duties but is not limited to this list or description and will vary.