Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

  • If you are interested in trying out for the Battle of the Books team you should start reading the books NOW.  In order to try-out you must have most of the books read by September.

    If you are interested you need to see Mrs. Taylor in the library so that you can be put on the try-out list.  I will give you more details when you come to see me and sign up for try-outs.

    There are two teams for our school, a 5th grade team and a 6-8th grade team.  Try-out requirements are different for each team. 


    5th grade team must have 10 books read by Sept. in order to try-out. ( This has now been extended to Nov. 13)

    6-8th grade team must have 15-20 of the books read by Sept. in order to try-out. ( This has now been extended to Nov.13)


    I have the book list in the library.  Come see Mrs. Taylor for the list or look here on the website. 

    You may check out the books from DMS library, the Public Library, or online.         


    ( The public library has many of the books in digital format for check out)



  • Tryouts will officially take place Nov. 13 th.  The team will be chosen by Christmas break.  Be sure to see Mrs. Taylor and put your name on the list and get your information.  The requirements for try-outs are found on this page. Once you  let Mrs. Taylor know you are interested she will give you the list and you make sure to have read the designated number of books.  On or before Nov.  13th come see Mrs. Taylor for tryout information.  The top students who have read and are knowelegable of the most books will make the team.  Testing on the books will take place if there is a need.  Check in daily with Mrs. Taylor after Nov. 13th.