• 2 spiral notebooks

    2 packs looseleaf paper

    5 folders w/pockets and prongs

    2 packs pencils (24 count)

    1 pack colored pencils

    2 packs glue sticks

    4 packs index cards

    1 pair child scissors

    1 package of cap erasers

    1 pack sheet protectors

    1 pack highlighters

    1 pencil pouch/pencil box

    ruler with inches and centimeters

    2 boxes of tissues


    We’d also love donations of: Gallon size bags Snack size bags Extra crayons Extra pencils Extra glue sticks Playdough Clorox wipes Sidewalk chalk

    Messages will be sent home as supplies need replenished throughout the year. We appreciate your support in providing the additional items as needed.