• Behavior & Grading Policies 

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    Behavior Policy

    This year our class behavior will be using the interactive website, Class Dojo!  Once a parent logs in, you can check how your student is earning behavior point throughout the day.  

    Coastal Elementary School will be using Class Dojo points as the behavior system this year. 

    Students in our classroom are expected to be positive leaders and make choices that will benefit themselves and our classroom community.  

    Each student in my classroom is important and together we are invaluable.  Building a sense of community, all students will have an appropriate learning environment in which all learners can be a leader and thrive. Any behavior that is disruptive to the learning community will not be tolerated.  


    Dojo Reward Catalog

    Students that earn 50 Dojo points get to choose from my Reward Catalog.  The rewards are varied so that each student can choose something that appeals to them.  Lots of fun choices to reward  positive behavior.  Students have 3 guaranteed chances each day to earn points:  morning arrival, lunch behavior, and dismissal.  These are 3 times that students will KNOW that I am rewarding good choices.  More points can be earned throughout the day for a variety of reasons.   Check the Dojo app to see how your learner is earning those positive behavior points.  


    Dojo Consequences 

    Verbal Warning and Reminder of Rule

    Loss of Privilege (Teacher Choice) 

    Email to Parent, Classroom Action Filed

    Phone Call Home to Parent

    Office Referral


    Grading Policy

    Grading Scale used by Onslow County Schools

    100-90             A

    90-80               B

    80-70               C

    70-60               D

    60 or less         F


    What will be graded?

    English Language Arts

    CKLA activites will be graded periodically throughout the nine weeks and reading comprehension sheets will be used to calculate a reading grade. One reading test will be given per nine weeks on the topics of literature, poetry, informational text and test taking skills. Vocabulary practice and quizzes will also be calculated into the final reading grade in conjunction with integrated writing pieces from grammar practice, quick writes from science and social studies and writer’s workshop assignments.



    Students will have at least one weekly class grade and a test at the end of each chapter. Homework is graded once per week at the teacher's discretion. Math interactive notebooks will be graded at least twice per nine weeks. 



    Students will have quizzes, tests and projects in science. Science notes will be graded at least twice per nine weeks. Students will study these major science strands: forces and motion, matter-properties and changes (i.e. rocks), energy-conversion and transfer, Earth in the universe, Earth history, ecosystems, and molecular biology.


    Social Studies

    Students will have quizzes, tests, and projects in social studies. Social Studies notes will be graded at least twice per nine weeks. Students will study these major social studies strands: history of North Carolina, geography and environmental literacy of North Carolina, economics and financial literacy of North Carolina, civics and government of North Carolina, and culture of North Carolina. Since Carolina Forest International School is a Global Gateway School social studies concept of North Carolina will be integrated with global learning.