• February Objectives:


    6th Grade (2nd Quarter):



    Cite textual evidence 

    Determine theme and central ideas 

    Identify meanings of unknown words

    Use context clues 

    Grammar Review- Sentences, Punctuation, Sentence Structure



    7th Grade (3rd Quarter):


    Cite textual evidence

    Draw inferences

    Identify theme and central ideas 

    Analyze elements of a story 

    Analyze form and structure and how that contributes to a text's meaning

    Analyze and determine points of views 

    Determine the meaning of words and phrases 


    8th grade (3rd Quarter):


     Cite textual evidence 

    Determine a theme or central idea

    Determine the meaning of words and phrase           



    English II (1st 6 weeks)


    Character analysis 


    internal/external conflict 

    Tier II and Tier III vocabulary

    Ancient Greece and Rome