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    Now that you're in 9th grade, it's time to get serious about your post-secondary plans.
         By starting early, you'll be better prepared.
    Explore Programs and Majors

    Don't neglect your study habits!
         Keep up the good work, and continue to improve your study skills.
    Successful Study Techniques

    If you don't have one, sign up for a college savings account.
         If you have an existing account, be sure to add to your savings regularly.

    College Savings Calculator

    Talk to your counselors, teachers, family members or trusted adults about your plans for college.

    If you're not sure if college is the best option for you, talk to your counselor. We can work together to help prepare you for your future.

    Use Your Plan of Study to keep track of your courses and grades.
    Invite your counselor to view Your Plan of Study (You'll need to be signed in to your CFNC account for this.)
    Your Plan of Study

    Find out about college entrance requirements for the schools you're interested in.
    College Matching Assistant

    9th Grade Action Plan

    20 Questions To Ask Your School Counselor

    High School Planner