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    What should I be doing right now????

    (CFNC Timeline for seniors preparing for college)

    These sites will give you time frames and step by step processes to get you on track and ready to apply to college.

    Just get started!!
    A great resource for questions you my have about college (provided by The College Board)

    Can I get into college?
    NC Basic College Entrance Requirements

    Where should I go to school??
    Finding a college

    Need help to get started with the process?
    Understanding the College Application Process

    "How tos" of applying to college
    College Applications: How to begin

    What do parents need to be doing during senior year?
    Senior Parent Plan of Action

    Get the most from your school counselor's expertise.
    Twenty questions to ask your counselor

    Two great information/application sites:
    CFNC - Helping you Plan, Apply, and Pay for College in NC
    College Foundation of NC

    National Application Center- Information about colleges across the country
    National Application Center
    College Entrance Exams
    If you'll be attending a four year college, you'll need to take either the SAT or ACT Test:

    SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
    Register for upcoming test during the school year
    Register for the SAT

    *Free SAT practice from The College Board!!
    Practice for the SAT

    ACT (American College Testing)
    Register for the ACT

    *Free ACT practice online!!
    Practice for ACT

    If you'll be attending a two year college, you'll need to take the Compass Test. Check with our Community College representative for more information.


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    Understanding Finances and Budgeting

    The first step towards realizing your financial goals is creating a realistic budget.
    Making a Budget

    Budget Saving Tips Worksheet
    Reviewing how you spend could save big $$$

    Learn all you need to know about money and the real world.
    Financial Literary

    Career Exploration Information

    Investigate careers and view videos of professionals
    Explore Careers

    What are the fastest growing careers in NC?
    Fastest Careers