NBMS Dress Code


    Dress Code (Uniform Policy)

    Students are expected to be dressed for the business of learning. Consequently, it is mandatory that all students arrive at New Bridge Middle School in full dress code and remain in full dress code through dismissal. All clothing must...

    • Be solid-colored
    • Fit properly for normal daily activity
    • Be clean
    • Be in good repair

    Any student deemed by a faculty or staff member to be out of dress code will receive a dress code violation, a copy of which will be given to the assistant principal with the following consequences:

    • 1st offense - written notice to parents from school.
    • 2nd offense - written notice to parent and hole punch
    • 3rd offense - written notice to parents and assignment of After School Detention
    • 4th offense - written notice to parents and assignment to In-School Suspension.
    • Subsequent offenses will be referred to the administration.

    DRESS CODE- Required Items

    Shirts and Blouses: White or navy blue, collared, button- or snap-front shirts and blouses with short or long sleeves are required. They must remain buttoned except for the top button. They must also remain completely tucked in at all times. Solid white undershirts may be worn but the sleeves must not exceed the length of the shirt. No undergarments should be visible through the shirt. This includes colored undergarments. There should be no visible logos on shirts or blouses.

    Pants, slacks, shorts, skirts, jumpers: Solid white, navy blue or tan knitted collarless and non-hooded cardigans and pullovers and vests are allowed. Solid tan or navy blue pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers are required. Jean style pants and pants with rivets may not be worn. Form fitting pants may not be worn. Short and skirt hems must reach the tip of the longest finger of your hand when extended at your sides. The top of any slit may come no higher than the longest finger of your hand when extended at your sides. No logos can be visible.  Overalls may not be worn.

    Belts: Solid brown, black or navy blue leather (or pleather) single prong belts with non-decorative buckles are required. Belts must go through the belt loops. Belts should not have logos, words, or decorations. No canvas material belts.

    Socks: Matching solid white socks are required. Females may substitute natural-colored or white hose. Socks must be visible at all times ("No-show" socks may not be worn).

    Shoes: Solid navy blue, brown or black leather (or pleather), canvass-no laces or frayed edges are required. Shoe soles must be a neutral color-no florescent colors. They must have closed toes and heels. They may not enclose the ankle. No skateboard shoes or shoes with heels exceeding two inches are allowed. Shoelaces must remain tied and match the color of the shoe. Tennis shoes must be worn in physical education. Shoes must be worn appropriately (tied/secured to foot and with back of shoe up and behind the heel).

    Other Acceptable Items

    Sweaters, crewneck sweatshirts or sweater/suit vests: Solid white, navy blue or tan knitted collarless and non-hooded cardigans and pullovers and vests are allowed. NO ZIPPERS. Sweaters may not be longer than the students' fingertips. Hands must be visible. Students' collars must be visible at all times. There should be no visible logos.

    Blazers: Navy blue or tan blazers are allowed.

    Jewelry: Students may wear one bracelet and one necklace. If the teacher finds any jewelry distracting, the student may be asked to remove it. Note- no facial piercings are allowed, including tongue and/or nose piercings.

    Undershirts: Students may wear solid white undershirts under their tops provided the undershirt sleeves don't exceed the length of the top's sleeves.

    NBMS Logo clothing: Students may wear shirts and sweatshirts with the "official" NBMS school logo over their collared shirts. Collars must be visible. There will be opportunities for parents and students to purchase this type of clothing throughout the school year.

     Additional Restrictions and Clarifications:

    1.     Outerwear, other than sweaters, may not be worn in the building.

    2.     Headwear - including sweatbands, scarves, bandanas  sunglasses, etc. - will not be worn. Hair bands must be blasck, white or navy blue and no wider than 1 ". Scrunches must be worn in the hair and be black, white or navy blue.

    3.     Makeup that is not distracting is allowed. No visible permanent or temporary tattoos.

    4.     Blue jeans and denim are not allowed. Leggings, lycra and stretch material are also prohibited.

    5.     No sagging and bagging of clothes are permitted.

    6.     Hair will be clean and neatly groomed. Hair paints or colored sprays are not permitted. While students may have professionally dyed hair, color choice should remain natural.  No feathers or colored extensions.  If a parent permits a student to wear a wig or hairpiece, it should look natural and not be distracting.  Hair/head carvings/etchings, Mohawks, faux hawks, and scalp locks are not permitted.  Also no eyebrow carvings are allowed. 
    7.     A belt must be worn if pants, slacks, shorts, skirts, or jumpers have belt loops. Belt loops should not be removed from clothing.

    8.     Unfinished/frayed hems on any article of clothing are not allowed.

    9.     Clothes that have pastel-colored logos, colored linings, piping, or lace inside the collars are not acceptable.