School Dude Work Requests


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    Our OCS maintenance team in 2022-2023 alone completed 16,000 work requests. We take pride in our jobs, continuously strive for excellence & embrace the opportunity to serve OCS. We use a work order system called "School Dude" (recently converted to Brightly) which allows our maintenance staff to address any issues/concerns in the most timely fashion possible. Below you will see a PDF attachment called "work request brochure" which is very helpful for new users or for FAQ. If you are a staff member or educator, please contact your principal about concerns and/or maintenance requests. Once an individual is registered, they can submit a new work order by clicking the bubble located to the left that says "submit a work request." 



    MAINTENANCE SUPPORT can be reached at (910) 455-2211 & is available M-F from 7:00am until 4:00pm  

    *This is the ONLY option for submitting a work request for maintenance. If you have an EMERGENCY, please call our Maintenance Director, Mr. Daniel Gray at (910) 455-2211 Ext: 71510 or on his work cell phone.