Work Requests

  •  Work Request Procedure

    School Dude Image All work requests must come to the Maintenance Department from the school designee.  Anyone who is aware of a problem that needs to be corrected at the school system facility is asked to contact the principal and make them aware of the problem. 

    Once a work request has been submitted via School Dude, it will show up on the appropriate technician's phone and they will be able to assist you faster.  If the wrong craft has been entered this will slow down the process.   

     The list below are crafts that we no longer use.  Using these crafts will slow down the processing of your work request:

    • Custodial
    • Filters
    • Gas Maintenance
    • Mechanical
    • Pick Up
    • Welding
    • Sewage/Water Treatment
    • Weed Control


    Please use the following guide lines to help you make a better selection when choosing a craft:


    Boilers- This craft handles:

    • Boiler Issues
    • Pumps     
    • Fuel Oil


    • Burners
    • LP Gas
    • Natural Gas



    Carpentry- This craft handles:

    • Broken Windows
    • Minor playground equipment repairs
    • Counter Tops
    • Door Closures
    • Soap Dispensers
    • Vinyl Siding
    • Wood fences
    • Underpinning
    • Door Stops
    • Paper Dispensers
    • Coat Hooks
    • Sidewalks
    • Hang Pictures
    • Indoor signs


    Carpet Repairs- This craft handles:

    • Carpet
    • VCT Tile
    • Linoleum


    Delivery - This craft handles new furniture deliveries.


     Electrical - This craft handles:

    • Outlets
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Ballasts
    • Kitchen Equipment
    • Lights
    • Vacuum and Floor Cleaners
    • Deliver Lifts
    • Exit Lights
    • Emergency Lights
    • Breakers
    •  Power company security lights


    Event Set-Up -  This craft is for scheduled annual events. Requests need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to an event.


    Energy Management - This craft handles:

    • Adjustment of Heat & AC
    • Overrides We Manage (48 hr. notice)


    Fence Repair - This craft handles:

    • Vinyl
    • Chain Link
    • Gates


    Fire Alarm - This craft handles:

    • Fire Alarm
    • Electric Release on Fire Doors
    • Security Alarm Issues


    Fire Extinguisher - This craft handles:

    • Annual Inspections
    • Replacement
    • Fire Extinguisher Tags


    Grass Cutting - This craft handles:

    • Cutting Grass
    • Weed Eating
    • Trimming
    • Weed Control
    • Landscaping


    Grounds - This department handles:

    • Minor Playground Repairs of timbers
    • Dumpsters & Lids
    • Washouts
    • Potholes
    •  Speed Bumps
    • Sand & Rock Deliveries
    • Drainage
    • Level Roads
    • Clean Out Gutters


    Grounds Equipment Repair - This craft handles repairing and servicing Onslow County Schools Maintenenance

    Department purchased equipment:

    • Tractors
    • Mowers


    HVAC - This craft handles:

    • Thermostats
    • Window AC Units
    • Bad Sensor
    • Heat Pumps
    • Filters
    • Ventilation Ducts
    • Actuator
    • AH Leaks


    Indoor Air Quality - This craft handles indoor air quality issues to insure a clean and healthy environment for our children

    and staff.


    Key and Lock - This craft handles:

    • Locks
    • Keys
    • Cylinders
    • Rekeying


    Painters - This craft handles:

    • Interior & Exterior
    • Non-Skid Paint


    Parking Lot Striping - This craft handles parking lot painting (contracted service).


    Paving - This craft handles asphalting large areas (contracted services).


    Pest Control - This craft is responsible for insuring that all of your pest control needs conform to the guidelines outlined 

    in the Integrated Pest Management (IMP) program.

    For large animal problems you will need to call Onslow County Animal Control (910-455-0182).

    • Mice
    • Roaches
    • Spiders
    • Snakes


    Plumbing - This craft handles:

    • Leaking Pipes
    • Faucets
    • Backflow Preventor
    • Water Heaters
    •  Drains
    • Raditiors
    • Floor Grates
    • Toilet Seats
    • Water Coolers
    • Grease Traps
    •  Urinals
    • Lift Stations
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Steam Leaks
    • Septic Tanks
    •  Sewers


    Pressure Washing - This craft handles:

    • Small Pressure Washer Deliveries
    • Pressure Washing Large Areas


    Refrigeration - This craft handles:

    • Coolers
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Ice Machines
    • Milk Boxes


    Roof - This craft handles:

    • Roof Leaks
    • Gutter Repairs


    Signage - This craft handles outside signage:

    • No Parking
    • Reserved For
    • Stop
    • Information Signs
    • Handicap


    Trash Removal: This craft will remove debris not suitable for the dumpster or recycle bins.


    Water Heaters: This craft handles cafeteria water heaters only (other water heaters fall under the Plumbing craft).




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