2023-2024 Academic Year School Bus Schedule

  • Parents are responsible for their child's safety to and from the bus stop. All students are asked to arrive at their designated bus stop at least 5-10 minutes prior to the estimated time.

    Stops are established in accordance with North Carolina State Department Rules and Regulations. Drivers are only allowed to make stops listed on the route sheets. Parents or students should not request drivers to pick-up or drop-off at unauthorized stops.

    When requesting a pick-up for a special needs student, parents/guardians must go to the student's school to complete the required paperwork. Transportation will not be provided for special-needs students without the proper paperwork.

    If you have any questions about your child's bus service, please go to the Local Transportation Coordinators Link and locate the supervisor affiliated with your childs school.

     Our primary goal is to make sure that the most safe and efficient transportation route is established, so adjustments and changes are necessary at the beginning and throughout the entire school year.