Library Information

  • Media Center schedule:

    The media center is open throughout the day for check out, independent study, or for teachers to schedule class periods for research and other needs.


    Checking out books and other materials:

    Students may check out three books at a time for a period of two weeks.  Students must renew or return books by the due date in order to keep their accounts in good standing. 


    Lost or damaged items:

    A student who has lost a book or other item is responsible for paying for that item. The charge for a lost books calculator, audiobook, etc... is the purchase price of the that item.   If the item is relocated and returned within 60 days of payment, a refund will be issued.  If an item is found after the 60 day period, no refund will be issued since the funds will have already been used to purchase a replacement copy. In that case the item becomes the property of the family.

    Damaged books should be returned to the media center for repair. Normal wear and tear is expected.  If a book or other item cannot be repaired, the student will be charged the replacement cost.  Examples of this are liquid/food damage, a dog's chew marks, and marking in the book.


    Books owed to other schools:

    When you arrive at NBMS as a new student, you may owe fees or items to another school's media center.  You may have a grace period allowing you to check out a book, but if the fine is not paid in due time, or the lost item not returned, you will not be able to check out items from the media center until you resolve the situation. 



    All students MUST have a signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on file in order to use the Internet for any reason.  Students may use the computers in the library for educational purposes only.