At Hunters Creek, we use the FitnessGram Test to assess levels of fitness.  The purpose of this assessment is to motivate our youth to begin and continue an active lifestyle as physical activity is important for a high quality of life.  The assessment consists of six test used to measure strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.  The test are as follows-curl-ups, flex arm hang, sit and reach, mile the pacer and calculating BMI through comparison of height and weight.   


                 The FitnessGram test uses criterion-referenced standards that are established based on the level of fitness needed for good health.  Students scores can fall in the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) or Needs Improvement.  If students score in the HFZ on all 5 test, they earn an award for having good health.  


         For our students in grades 3-5, we give a pre-test in October and a post-test in April.  Test are given twice so students and myself can assess if fitness levels are improving.  The challenge provides a score sheet that can record scores for three years if the test is given twice.  I have our students fill this card out so they can track their level of fitness as long as they are with us.  By assessing their own levels of fitness, I hope this will encourage them to continue to maintain a healthy level of fitness as they identify any areas they need to improve in.  During PE class, students perform exercises they can use to maintain or develop their level of fitness.  Hopefully they will continue to use these at home.

         When testing is complete, I will also be sending home a fitness report.  This report will let you know what your student scored on each test and if that score is within the Healthy Fitness Zone.  The report will also give your student suggestions on how to improve their level of fitness.