• Congratulations! You made the team. As your school’s most visible athlete, you now have a unique and noble role within your community and school. But, before you put on the uniform, make sure you understand the etiquette and standards cheerleaders are expected to uphold.


    • When you decided to cheer, you signed on to be an ambassador to your school. Keep your appearance clean, friendly, and approachable.
    • When you are in uniform, keep makeup light, and remove jewelry.
    • Be sure your hair is well-maintained and your uniform is clean.


    • Arrive early! Cheerleaders should be at the game at least thirty minutes prior to kick off (or the time designated by your coach).
    • Warm up all important skills before the game begins.
    • Come performance ready! If you’re supposed to show up in uniform, that includes shoes, socks, bows, etc.

    National Anthem

    • During the national anthem, stand in proper lines. Keep your hands at your waist, behind your back, or right hand over your heart.
    • Stand still and silent until the final note is sung.

    Team/Player Introduction

    • Your job is to get the crowd on their feet. No matter how you celebrate the entrance of the team, remember that the focus should remain on the team/players, not on the cheerleaders.
    • Remember, we cheer for our own team during introductions — not against the other team.


    • Maintain good manners. Cheerleaders serve as the welcoming committee for the visiting school and their fans. Think of the visiting team as guests at an event you are hosting.
    • Keep your cheers positive, and directed at your own team. Rooting for the other team’s failure shows poor sportsmanship.
    • Want to take your hospitality to the next level? Bring a cooler of water bottles over to the visiting team’s cheerleaders before the game. Your captains can also invite the visiting team to light snacks at halftime.

    Sideline Smarts

    • Keep cheers and stunts simple and easy to follow. Leave complicated competition stunts where they belong — on the competition floor.
    • Regardless of the score, cheerleaders happily encourage their team until the bitter end.
    • Steer clear of “boos.” Instead, counter them; use a traditional chant to change the crowd’s focus.
    • Throughout the game, keep sideline conversation minimal.

    Injured Player

    • Take a knee and stay quiet until the player (of either team) has left the field.
    • For a prolonged injury, you may gather as a group. But, keep your focus on the player.
    • Clap as the athlete walks off.

    Know Your Role

    As your school’s most visible athlete, your primary role is to build a sense of community and school spirit both on and off the playing field. Whether cheering at games, running a pep rally, organizing alumni functions, hosting visitors, or killing it at competition, always conduct yourself in a manner that brings enthusiasm and pride to your school and unity to your community.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • The conduct of student athletes is closely observed in many areas of life. 

    It is important that their behavior be above and beyond in all areas including: academics, mental toughness, coach ability and self-­‐pride. 

    Please remember that when we travel to other schools or when other schools visit NWPMS, you are representing your team, the school, the staff, your parents and more importantly yourself. As a student athlete at NWPMS, you are what Dolphin Pride is all about.