• Habits of Mind   

    Summersill Elementary is a Habits of Mind school. Habits of Mind are qualities implemented daily among the staff and students to promote confidence, leadership, effectiveness, and successful learners. The Habits of Mind that we will focus on this school year are:


    ·       Listening with Empathy and Understanding

    ·       Persistence

    ·       Thinking Interdependently

    ·       Metacognition

    ·       Managing Impulsivity                                               

    ·       Striving for Accuracy

    ·       Questioning and Posing Problems

    ·       Creating, Imagining and Innovating

    ·       Gathering Data Through All Senses

    ·       Applying Past Knowledge

    ·       Thinking Flexibly

    ·       Thinking and Communicating with clarity and precision

    ·       Finding Humor