• 1. Make sure you are enrolled in Math I for 8th grade (if you didn't already take it in 7th grade). 

    2. Be on the lookout for a visit to your Math I classroom in the Fall. (October-November 2021)

    3. Come to the Parent Information Night at your home middle school or OECHS. (November-December 2021)

    4. Sign up to take the Coastal Carolina Community College placement test on one of the days designated for Early College applicants. (January-February 2022)

    5. Wait to hear back about your placement test scores. If they are qualifying scores, you'll get the rest of your application in the mail! (March 2022)

    6. If you receive the application, complete it by the due date. Late applications will not be accepted. (April 2022)

           a. Be sure to have ALL parts of the application filled out!

    group of smiling teenagers