Arrival - Drop Off

    The car rider area is located in the front of the building. 

    New processes for arrival on campus -

    Drop off in the morning is from 8:05-8:35. 

    No students are to be dropped off prior to that time and in any other area.

    • Parents are asked to turn onto the campus of Swansboro High School / Queens Creek Elementary using the first entrance (when coming from Hubert on Queens Creek Road).  The second entrance (closest to the QCE sign) will be closed for entry from 7:00-9:00 in the mornings and from 2:00-4:00 in the afternoon during peak hours. 
    • Turn left and stop at the four-way stop.
    • Continue straight towards the campus at QCE and follow the curve in the road along the front of QCE.  Do not block the intersection. 
    • Stop at the cone. 
    • At approximately 7:55 the cone will be moved and QCE parents will follow the road around the circle at Swansboro High School.  Please stay in the center lane as you travel on their campus
    • As you return to the QCE campus and move towards the drop off circle, please use both lanes. (see new road markings) 
    • Stop at the cones and wait for your turn to move forward.   
    • A QCE staff member will be present to direct traffic as we allow alternating rows of parents to enter the drop off area and safely assist students from their vehicles and into school.  
      • We will offload five cars at a time - alternating rows of traffic.  Do not switch lanes for the  safety of everyone involved.
    • Adults are on duty from 8:05-8:35 to assist with the unloading of students.  If your students arrives later than 8:35, you must park and bring them into the office and attain a tardy slip. 


    • Please stay in your car and allow your child to enter the building under the supervision of the adults on duty. 
    • If you have items to deliver to the classroom, please park in the parking lot and take the items to the office.  We will be happy to deliver them for you.   

    Dismissal - Pick Up

    New processes for dismissal from campus -  

    At the end of the day, students are dismissed from the car rider area only. Students will start being loaded into vehicles at 3:20. 

    Parents will follow the same driving patterns as follows for the morning drop off.   

    CHANGES FOR 2022-2023...

    • No QCE parents are to move through the Swansboro High School campus until 2:45.  There will be a cone indicating to STOP.  A staff member will move the cone at approximately 2:45 so parents may drive around the circle.
    • Parents must scan the QR for School Dismissal Manager at that same cone area. 
    • We will utilize the same two lane process for dismissal.  Please stop at the cone until the QCE staff member signals for you to move forward.  Please stay in your lane.
    • Students will be called using a walkie talkie system and be SENT using the SDM system.
    • Students will move towards a QCE staff member at the designated cone and enter vehicles. 


    • Adults who are picking up a student should remain in their vehicles at all times.  If your child has a physical condition that may require additional assistance, please park in one of the handicap parking spaces and a staff member will assist you. 
    • All students are required to be picked up by 3:45 p.m. each day.  If a student remains after this time, they will be taken to the office.
    • If you do not scan using the SDM QR code at the designated spot, you will delay the car rider lane for other families.  It is imperative that all parents complete this task. As we utilize both lanes, 'going around' a delayed parent is not an option for safety. 

    The procedures in place are for the safety of all QCE students, staff and parents! 

    Early Checkout

    No students checkouts after 2:40 pm per school policy.


    Changing Transportation

     All transportation changes must be made in School Dismissal Manager before 2:00pm.  Please do not send notes or call the office for expected transportation changes.  

    If a transportation change is needed after 2:o0, you must email the request to Jill Yager.  This option should only be used for last minute, unexpected circumstances.