• Enrichment Activity for the Last Day of School from Mrs. Gran!!!

    Here is the last activity for the year!!

    Have fun!! 

    Have a great summer!!!

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  • Enrichment Math Activity for Friday, June 5th

    Hey there everybody!  Please enjoy the book and then look at the activities attached for your grade level!  

    Enjoy the story and have fun learning!!

    Kinder - 2nd grade activities:

    ELA: Who are the main characters? 

           What was the setting for the story?

    Math: Put some coins on the table and have your child                identify the different coins and tell how much they            are worth.

           Put a variety of coins on the table and have your               child sort them.

    Writing: Draw a picture of you at a fair or carnival with a                    friend. Then write 3 sentences about your                        picture.

    3rd - 5th grade activities:

    ELA: Write a 5 sentence summary about this story. Be              sure and include characters, setting and the                      problem.

    Math: Practice counting money.

              Practice counting back change.

              Use a store circular for this activity. If you had                   $300, what could you afford to buy?

    Writing: Write about a time that you went to a fair. Be                    sure and add lots of details!


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  • Friday Fun for May 29th!!!!

    This will be a fun activity that you can do using a newspaper.

    See how long it takes you to find all of the items listed.

    Have fun!!!

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  • Task for the week of May 25th!

    This week I want you to get creative!  I am going to give each grade level (3-5th) a mathematical term.  I would like you to define the term using words AND pictures.  When you are finished, send me what you created!  I can't wait to see your work! :)

    Use words and pictures to show your understanding of the term:

    3rd grade -----  polygon


    4th grade -----  fraction


    5th grade -----  decimal


    As always, have fun doing Math!!

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  • Friday Fun for May 22!!!

    I found a game that might be fun for you to  play at home with your parents or sister or brother!  The game is similar to the game 'Heads Up'.  


    Have fun doing math!!  Let me know how you like the game!! :)



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  • Fun Friday for May 15th!!

    Have fun solving the riddles!  Let me know if you were lucky and solved a few! :)

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  • Friday Fun for May 8!!

    Happy Friday!!

    Click on the link and listen to the story called The Hula Hoopin' Queen !!  It is read by Oprah Winfrey.  It is a great story!!

    After you read the story, here are a couple of challenges for you:

    1) How many times can you hula hoop?

    2) Have a hula hoop competition with somebody else.  Who wins?

    Have fun!!!!

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  • Friday Fun for May 1st!!!!!!

    Here is a game that you can play while you are at home.  I gave you some ideas to get it started.  Can you think of ways to make the game even better?  Can you think of a way to make the game more challenging?  Please share your ideas! :)

     As always...have FUN doing Math!!!!!

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  • Fraction Flipper Game

    This is a cool game I found that you can play at home if you have some dominoes!  You know how I love playing with dominoes! :)  

    Let me know you you like the game!

    Have fun doing Math!!!

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  • Friday Fun for April 24th!!!

    Happy Friday everybody!!  I found a game that would be fun for any of our 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders to play.  It is a great game to help learn about fractions.  The video is very good and easy to follow.  

    Let me know how you like it!!    Have fun!!!!


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