Parent Portal

  • Welcome to the OCS PowerSchool Parent Portal Home Page!

    This resource is a web-based communication tool that allows parents/guardians secure access to view grade, assignment, and attendance information. Assignments and student performance can be viewed as soon as entries are made by teachers into their electronic gradebooks. Reports and email notifications are also available in the viewer.


    Although the PowerSchool Parent Portal is a very useful tool, it is not intended to replace direct communication between students, parents, and other staff members. The program is straightforward and very user-friendly – just point and click and you will have secure access to your student’s attendance, assignments, and grades. If questions arise, please check with your child and/or their teacher.

FAQs about the Parent Portal

  • What type of computer can I use to get to my student’s grades?

    You can log into PowerTeacher Parent Portal from any computer with

    high speed internet access.  

    How do I request a login for PS's Parent Portal?

    To request a login for PS's Parent Portal, you may download the Parent Portal Request 

    Form from the previous webpage or pick up up the form at your child's school.  Please

    be prepared to present a copy of a picture id to verify your identify.

    What will PS's Parent Portal allow me to see from my computer?

    PS's Parent Portal provides real-time access to parents to view their child's grades,

    attendance, assignments and more.

    How do I navigate to the different sections in the Parent Portal?

    Use the navigation panel on the left side of the screen to navigate to each portion

    of the portal.


    How do I receive email notifications regarding grades and attendance?

    Select Email Notification in the navigation panel. Click on the check boxes to indicate

    what information you would like to receive. Select “How Often” you would like to

    receive the notifications. Make all other applicable selections and click Submit.



    How do I change my password?

    Select Account Preferences in the navigation panel. Here you can edit your Name,

    Email, Language, Username, and Current Password. Click Save when you are done.