12th Grade Information

  • ATTENTION SENIORS: ALL Scholarship Information is posted in your MS Teams! 
    What should I be doing during my senior year? 
    -Register for SAT/ACT test.
    -Compile a preliminary list of colleges that you might be interested in. 
    -Explore the website of the colleges that interest you and learn about admission requirements. 
    -Check your schedule and make sure that you meet graduation requirements and admission requirements. 
    -Look over applications and think about essay topics. 
    -Visit campuses and interview college representatives. 

    -Register for SAT/ACT test. 
    -Talk with family & your counselor about college choices. 
    -Request letters of recommendations. 
    -Continue to visit campuses and meet with college representatives. 
    -Request applications from colleges. 
    -Create a chart for application deadlines. 
    -Work on college essays. 
    -Get involved at school/community level--find a leadership position! 
    -Work to strengthen academic record. 

    -Register for SAT/ACT test. 
    -Keep grades up! -Talk with family & your counselor about college choices. 
    -Narrow your college list to 6-8 schools. 
    -Create a chart for application deadlines.
    -Request letters of recommendations.  
    -Take advantage of college fairs and virtual tours. 
    -Complete applications for EARLY ADMISSIONS! 
    -Research financial aid and scholarships. 
    -Get your college essays in shape! 
    -Keep track of ALL application components (applications, test scores, letters of recommendations, & financial aid)
    -Involvement in school/community activities!

    -Register for SAT/ACT test. 
    -Don't let your grades slide! 
    -Talk with family & your counselor about college choices.
    -Create a chart for application deadlines. 
    -Request letters of recommendations. 
    -Check on application materials for EARLY ADMISSIONS! 
    -Work on essays. 
    -Involvement in school/community activities. 
    -Continue to research and complete scholarships! 

    -Register for SAT/ACT test. 
    -Be sure to send test scores to colleges. 
    -Confirm recommendations have been sent to schools.-Create a chart for application deadlines. 
    -Talk with family & your counselor about college choices.  
    -Study Hard for exams to keep grades up! 
    -Submit FAFSA. 
    -If accepted through EARLY ADMISSIONS, please be sure to follow through with paperwork! 
    -Continue to focus on grades. 
    -Have mid-year grades sent to schools. 
    -Keep track of all deadlines and application components. 
    -Involvement in school/community activities. 
    -Continue to research and complete scholarships! 

    -Register for SAT/ACT test. 
    -If you submitted a FAFSA, look over the Student Aid Report for mistakes! 
    -Contact colleges that don't send you a confirmation receipt for your application. 
    -Apply to schools! 
    -Register for AP testing. 
    -Keep grades HIGH & don't slack off! 
    -Acceptance letters will begin to arrive. 
    -Compare and contrast financial aid offers from schools. 
    -Continue to research and complete scholarships! 
    -Keep track of all acceptances, rejections, and waitlists. 
    -If waitlisted, please move forward with a back up plan. 
    -Keep grades up. 
    -If you have acceptance letters from colleges and have decided not to go there, please notify them. This is a courtesy to the school and those who may have been waitlisted. 
    -Continue to research and complete scholarships! 

    -Avoid senioritis! 
    -Prepare for AP testing. 
    -Prepare to have final transcripts sent to colleges. 
    -Send THANK YOU NOTES if needed. 
    -Stay on top of loan situation. 
    -Notify school of any scholarships that you are awarded. 


    **To male students: you must register for selective service on your 18th birthday to be eligible for federal and state financial aid. 
    12th Grade Action Plan

    Adventures in Education

    44 Reasons to Listen to your Guidance Counselor

    20 Questions to ask your Guidance Counselor

    Student Financial Aid Book for North Carolinians 

    Selective Services Program
    **Remember young men once you reach the age of 18, you need to register. **

    What Should You Be Doing As A Senior?
    • Take/Re-Take Admission Test (SAT/ACT).
    • Visit the Colleges that you are interested in.
    • Keep a document (RESUME) of accomplishments, activities, community services.
    • Start networking for references-make sure that they know you are using them.
    • Apply for scholarships (local, national, and college).
    • Apply for financial aid after January 1st (www.fafsa.ed.gov)
    • Athletes must apply to National Clearinghouse (www.eligibilitycenter.net)
    What To Look For In A College?
    • Academic Programs
    • College Size (how many are enrolled)
    • Class size (student/teacher ratio)
    • Academic Support
    • Residence Halls
    Concerns For New College Students
    • Preparedness for college placement tests
    • Intensity of college coursework
    • Allocation of homework time
    • Study Skills