• Welcome to the Carolina Forest Elementary Media Center!!


    Our focus is to provide quality up to date literature, provide exceptional media and information literacy education, and instill a passion for reading in each and every student.  

    Borrowing policies:

    K-1: one book at a time.

    2nd  – 5th: 2 items at a time, we encourage one fiction and one non-fiction.

    Students are responsible for paying for any materials lost or damaged while in their possession. (If an item is found that was paid for, the student may then keep that book.)

    Students may keep their library materials until their next library class. However, we understand they may not be finished with their materials in the alloted time.  If this occurs, the student may renew their library materials for additional time.  Overdue notices will be sent to the homeroom teacher once per grading period.  Students may not check out more books until their fines are satisfied.

    Selection policies:

    Library staff will guide students in making responsible selection choices based on interest and reading ability. Students are taught the Five Finger Rule and it is recommended they use it when selecting an appropriate book.  We sometimes allow students to check out higher level materials with the agreement that they have someone at home that will read with them.  However we do not know the reading level of all students.  If you as the parent or teacher notice your children are constantly checking out books that are frustrating or too difficult, please have this discussion with them.  

    Open library policies:

    Open circulation will be from 8:10-8:30 and 3:00-3:20.  Students in grades 1-5 may come in to return books and get new books each morning and at the end of the day! 


    Damaged or lost books:

    If a student loses or damages a book the book must be paid for or replaced.  Please check with me, the librarian, before replacing the book.  Many of our books are high-quality library bound books and cannot be easily replaced.  

    If the lost book is found after being paid for, you may keep the book.