•       Be Respectful of people and property

    ·         Students will listen quietly when others are speaking.

    ·         Students will wait until the speaker is finished to ask questions.

    ·         Students will raise their hands when participating in class discussion.

    ·         Students will use polite, courteous language with adults and classmates.

    ·         Students will return library materials to their designated spaces.

    ·         Students will treat library materials (and other school property) with respect.

    Be Considerate

    ·         Students will use “inside voices” in the library so as not to disturb other library users.

    ·         Students will share library materials.

    ·         Students will wait patiently for their turn with library materials.

    ·         Students will keep nonessential objects (toys, snacks, etc) out of the library.

                    Be Safe

    ·         Students will walk in the library.

    ·         Students will keep their hands off other students’ bodies and property.

    ·         Students will ask for help when unable to reach high objects.


  • Borrowing policies:

    K & 1st: one book at a time.

    2nd – 5th: 2 items at a time.

    Students are responsible for paying for any materials lost or damaged while in their possession. (If the item is found and returned, the student will be reimbursed).

    K and 1st grade students may keep their library materials for a week, 2nd-5th grade students may keep their library materials for two weeks. However, we understand that a child may not be finished with their materials in the alloted time.  If this occures they may come in a renew their library manterials for additional time.  Overdue notices will be sent to the homeroom teacher twice a month as a gental remainder to the students to either renew or return their library materials.

    Selection policies:

    Library staff will guide students in making responsible selection choices based on interest and reading ability. Students are taught the Five Finger Rule and it is recommended they use it when selecting an appropriate book.

    Open library policies:

    Students may come to one open circulation period per day.

    Horseplay, extreme rudeness, and misuse of library materials will result in the student being sent back to the classroom

    Damaged or lost books:

    If a student loses or damages a book the book must be paid for, the book cannot be replaced as most book store books are not made for multi-person use.

    If a lost book is found after it has been paid for a refund will be issued if a written request is received within 30 days of the book being found.