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    Dixon Elementary PTO Minutes

    Date, Time, and Location: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 9:15 a.m.  in DES school library

    Meeting called to order by President Stephanie Cornish at 9:17 a.m.

    Attendance: Stephanie Cornish,  Jennifer Conard, Nicole Wolford, Natalie Transue, Vanessa Garcia, , Desiree Green, Jennifer Hughes, Teo Pittman, Jackie Hughes, Colleen Allen,  Miranda Maloney, Katrina Wiechmann and Kenneth Oxfurth. There were 15 members in attendance. Special guest Principal Glenn Reed and Vice Principal Jenna Johnson were in attendance.

    Minutes: The November 14, 2018 meetings were summarized and accepted. These minutes were emailed to PTO members, posted on the DES website and distributed during today’s meeting.

    Officer Reports:

    Treasurer – Nicole Wolford

    ·         Report was read and accepted. Please see individual committees for monetary reporting.

    Committee Reports:

    Chew Committee - Vanessa Garcia is the chair.

    ·         About 28 students are receiving backpacks each week.

    ·         Birthdays are now on the list! Students receive a birthday card, cake mix and icing for their birthdays.

    ·         CHEW is currently short on canned vegetables and fruit. Donations can be sent in with students or dropped in the front office labeled “CHEW.” Glass containers and expired food are not accepted.

    ·         Crooked Lotus donated $200 to our CHEW program. Amy Ergas & Smith Dentistry donated a variety of items so that each student will receive a goodie bag sent home for Christmas. Colleen Allen’s family also donated a tremendous amount of items and assisted greatly in our hurricane relief. 

    ·         Volunteers are needed to assist with packing book bags Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

    Box Top Committee –Ryley Barber is the chair.

    ·         Spring box top collection runs December 12, 2018-Feburary 15, 2019. All spring box tops submissions must be postmarked by March 1, 2019. Please start sending those box tops in (pre-sorted, cut and labeled in a bag if possible). Expired box tops are not accepted.

    ·         PTO will give an incentive for students to turn in box tops (i.e. a pizza party for the class that collects the most).

    Popcorn Friday Committee – Andi Wooley and Emily Funk are co-chairs.

    ·         Topsail Island Popcorn Factory has offered to donate popcorn for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year. They are also said they will donate it for the 2019-2020 school year.

    o   We sent them a poinsettia plant for Christmas as a big “thank you!”

    ·         We discussed the option of continuing to price popcorn machines to replace the one we lost due to Hurricane Florence. We could get a good one for around $300 on Amazon if we watch the sales.

    ·         We love our new partnership with Topsail Island Popcorn Factory as it shows support of our local businesses and eliminates volunteer burnout (popping with our popper at the school takes five hours whereas it takes about an hour to just bag pre-popped popcorn from Topsail Island Popcorn Factory). However, we don’t want to assume that Topsail Island Popcorn Factory will always supply DES popcorn free of charge. We want to be proactive and if we can purchase a new popcorn machine for a great price, we will plan on doing that.

    Santa Shop Committee – co-chairs Miranda Maloney and Jennifer Hughes

    ·         Overall, Santa Shop went really well. We raised $7,705 this year as opposed to around $2,000 in the past. This was due to donations of backpacks and other items.

    ·         The first two days were crazy due to scheduling but we plan to modify next year’s sign-up genius, send it out earlier to the teachers and possibly look at different dates to run the shop (as some people only are paid once a month on the 15th).

    ·         We discussed having a “donation jar” or something along those lines at the registers for parents/students/staff to donate to. This would greatly help out those students who come in only .75 cents to spend. We had numerous donations from volunteers and students this year. We are so thankful to everyone who donated their valuable time to help out!

    ·         Fun Services also gave us $250 in Santa Shop cash to divide among classes for students who would otherwise not be able to shop. However, only half  of what was handed out was cashed in. We brainstormed ways to help teachers/students next year. Vice President Jenna Johnson said she could work on a list of students who didn’t get to go the Santa Shop with the teachers and then we could use any extra donations plus the Santa Shop cash to have these students all come in on one day.

    Old Business:

    Chair Positions –

    The following chair positions are pending - volunteer coordinator, fun run coordinator, newsletter/publication chair and parliamentarian.

    We are still in need of chairs for the following two positions –

    ·         Fundraising chair – searches for new programs /ways to bring money into DES.  

    Gaga ball pit/Lighthouse relocation-

      Volunteers will be needed to assemble the gaga ball pit for the 3rd & 4th graders. The gaga ball pit will go where the lighthouse is so a date will be set once it is relocated. The lighthouse will more than likely be moved to the front of the school and could use some work done on it (we may request help to paint it).

    o   Concrete for new picnic tables –

    §  The donation for the concrete fell through. We need to price concrete.  PTO committee voted and approved concrete spending once we get a few estimates. Ideally, this will be completed before spring. Per Principal Reed, the interior of our cafeteria will start to be worked on soon. However, the roofers are still working with the insurance company on the claim for the outside of cafeteria.

    o   Playground enhancements –

    §  Buddy benches and a shade structure were discussed. Shade structures are pricy but we could look into purchasing one with Fun Run money.

    §  Every year Principal Reed requests new playground equipment and every year, it is denied because it is very expensive and the insurance for it is very expensive.

    §  PTO wants to start a petition for parents to sign regarding DES playground enhancements. Once we get enough signatures, we would like to schedule an appointment with Steve Myers to go over our petition.  


    Principal Reed’s Report:

    ·         Fundraising - The “Opt Out” DES fundraiser has currently raised about $7,000. Almost all of the feedback has been positive! It looks like we may hit the $10,000 mark.  That leaves about $10,000 still to fundraise. Various ideas such as class penny wars and/or lip singing/dancing battles with the teachers/principals were discussed.

    ·         Pick-Up/Drop-Off –     

    o   January 2, 2019 is the cutoff date for parents to park and walk their children into the school. Dropping off and walking students in backs up traffic. The Kiss and Go Lane will move much quicker once this process is in place. Foot traffic is already much lower in preparation for this change.

    o   The safety of DES students is the biggest concern.


    New Business:

    ·         Photos with Santa - Santa will be coming to each classroom for a class photo this year. Photos with Santa will be by grade on Friday, December 21st.  Teachers can email out the photo to anyone who has not filled out the opt out form this year. Photos will “not” be posted on DES’s website or on social media.

    o   We need 3-4 volunteers to help switch on and off so no one misses their child’s party/events.

    o   Each child will receive a candy cane.

    o   Buddy the Bulldog will accompany Santa at the Kiss & Go Lane in the morning.

    Bulldog Breakfast – Free family event where families can come eat with their children in the morning.

    o   Vanessa Garcia is our hospitality chair and will manage this.

    o   This will be a Valentine Day theme and will be held on Feb. 13th beginning at 7:45 a.m. We are going to try to use the gym for this since the cafeteria may still not be ready.

    o   Volunteers are needed for set-up and clean-up, decorating, help cut up fruit, pre-make plates to hand out, etc.                                                                                                       


    ·         Monthly minutes, events and bylaws are all available on the DES website - https://www.onslow.k12.nc.us/dixones under the “Families” tab in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

    ·         The Getting to Know Your Teacher questionnaires is updated and posted on DES’s website under the “Announcements” tab.  

    ·         A PTO trailer clean-up day will be planned soon. Volunteers are needed.

    ·         If you would like to chair a position/volunteer or have any questions/suggestions please email dixonelempto@gmail.com.

    Next PTO Meeting: January 9, 2019 at 6 p.m. in DES’s library.

    Meeting Adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

    DES PTO Executive Board

    President - Stephanie Cornish 

    Vice President - Jennifer Conard

    Treasurer - Nicole Wolford

    Secretary - Natalie Transue



    Dixon Elementary PTO Minutes

    Date, Time, and Location: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 9:15 a.m.  in DES school library

    Meeting called to order by President Stephanie Cornish at 9:17 a.m.

    Attendance: Stephanie Cornish,  Jennifer Conard, Nicole Wolford, Jennifer Webb, Natalie Transue, Vanessa Garcia, Amy Ergas, Tammy Mann, Tory Lankas, Desiree Green, Jennifer Hughes, Sharon Moon, Autumn Crawford, Sara Kain, Rebekah Simning, Jackie Hughes, Colleen Allen, Alysa Tate, Chance Cromer, Nicole McDevitt and Jessica Price. There were 21 members in attendance. Special guest Principal Glenn Reed was in attendance.

    Minutes: The May 8, 2018 meetings were summarized and accepted. These minutes were emailed to PTO members, posted on the DES website and distributed during today’s meeting.

    Officer Reports:

    President – Stephanie Cornish

    ·         First order of business was reviewing bylaws stating that all executive board members must have a child attending DES. The bylaws went into effect August 1, 2018. Jennifer Webb stepped down from the PTO secretary position due to this by law. Natalie Transue was appointed by the executive board members to fill this position.

    Treasurer – Nicole Wolford

    ·         Report was read and accepted. Money was spent on the following:

    o   Teacher gift cards - $3,200

    o   Welcome breakfast for teacher/staff - $463

    o   Staff polo shirts - $2,408.77

    o   Outdoor activities for 3rd & 4th grader classes (including balls, giant size Connect 4, Frisbee golf, jump ropes and carts to put all new equipment in) - $1500

    o   Scholastics for all teachers/students (including Time for Kids, Scholastic weekly, etc.) - $8,555.41.

    ·         $6,500 was raised for hurricane relief. Money was spent on the following:   

    o   Forty-two air purifiers for classrooms, three rugs, stools, dry erase boards, bookshelves, other teacher requests including items that were ruined from mold - $6.300

    Committee Reports:

    Chew Committee - Vanessa Garcia & Amy Ergas

    ·         Committee is working with Social Worker Katie Rodgers to serve those students/families in need.

    ·         Backpacks for this upcoming weekend are packed and ready to go.

    ·         Due to late start, Thanksgiving meals for students will be covered by non-disclosed benefactors.

    ·         Extra backpacks and supplies were donated and volunteers are needed to help sort/organize. Volunteers would also be helpful to back the backpacks weekly.

    ·         Chew donations may be sent in with students or delivered to the main office. All donations must be clearly marked “Chew.”

    o   Expired food and glass are not accepted.

    o   Donations should include items that would be easy for the student to prepare.

    Box Top Committee – Stephanie Cornish gave verbal updated. Chair is Ryley Barber.

    ·         Tammy Mann filled in during the hurricane and $573 was raised from box tops collected this fall. Check will be mailed to PTO in December.

    o   This is less than we usually make we will try to a higher amount in the spring.

    ·         February 1, 2019 is the spring box top due date. PTO will give an incentive for students to turn in box tops (i.e. a pizza party for the class that collects the most).

    ·         Expired box tops are not accepted.

    Popcorn Friday Committee – Andi Wooley, Emily Funk and Vanessa Garcia run this program. Report was given by Vanessa Garcia.

    ·         The PTO’s popcorn machine was destroyed by of Hurricane Florence. It was full of mold and was not safe to use. A claim was put into the county but we are uncertain if we will be reimbursed.

    o   We have two options to here in order to resume Popcorn Fridays-

    1) - Purchase a new popcorn machine.

    ·         These run about $300.

    ·         Volunteers are needed to pop/bag the popcorn. This runs Friday morning from 6:30 -10 a.m.

    2) - Partner with Topsail Popcorn Factory.

    ·         They have donated all popcorn for this Friday, November 16, 2018.

    ·         Partnership would eliminate volunteer burnout.

    ·         PTO needs to check on pricing of popcorn still. This will be discussed once pricing is determined.

    ·         Two Popcorn Fridays that was missed need to be rescheduled. Tentative dates in January and March are waiting to be approved. 

    New Business:

    ·         The following chair position are open (one person is needed per chair) –

    o   Volunteer coordinator – helps get volunteers for various events.

    o   Hospitality chair – helps set up teacher/staff breakfast during teacher appreciation week, greets people at events, etc.

    o   Fun Run chair – heads the event. Kick-off is February 19, 2019. The run is March 1, 2019.

    o   Fundraising chair – searches for new programs and ways to bring money into DES.  

    §  Coke Cap program was mentioned by Jessica Price. All programs need to be reviewed to see what would be most beneficial to DES.

    o   Newsletter/publication chair – helps share news and PTO calendar. Principal Reed said this could be a section in the current school newsletter.

    o   Parliamentarian chair – helps ensures Robert Rules of Orders are followed during PTO meetings (keeps meetings on track).

    o   Santa Shop chair – helps run the Santa Shop. 

    §  Santa Shop will be run a little differently this year.

    ·         We have limited space as of right now since the shop typically is located in the library.            

    ·         We are using Fun Services, which is a local NC company. Company is donating $250 of “fun bucks” to assist students who otherwise may not be able to come in and shop.

    ·         Santa Shop will set up Friday November 30, 2018. The shop will run from December 3rd-7th.  Hours are still to be determined.

    ·         LOTS of volunteers are needed to run this event.

    ·         It is important to note that Santa Shop is not intended to be a big money-maker for the PTO. This is really more of a service for DES students to purchase presents for their family members.

    ·         Photos with Santa will be done in each classroom with a class photo only this year. Due to limited space, this is the best option this year. Teachers can email out the photo to anyone who hasn’t filled out the opt-out form this year. Buddy the Bulldog could go around with Santa. Candy canes or small treats can also be handed out. This also frees up money as PTO will not have to pay a photographer. Principal Reed mentioned the last day before Christmas Break would be an excellent day for this.

    ·         The cafeteria staff needs four more coolers to assist with breakfast/lunch. Everyone agreed that PTO should purchase these. Coolers will be labeled “PTO” and can be used for field trips once the cafeteria is up and running.

    Principal Reed’s Report:

    ·         Hurricane Florence recap –

    o   Onslow County is in a fight with the insurance company. By state law, the county could not start work on schools until they had funding. Insurance adjusters were tricky and are trying not to pay for existing conditions that were amplified by the hurricane.

    §  The insurance will only cover $50,000 for all of Onslow County Schools. With about 3,000 teachers, the breakdown is $10 each.

    o   Both the PTO and DES received donations from all over to assist with the hurricane clean-up effort.

    §  The vast majority of these donations went to DES teachers and some also went to DES TA’s. Teachers received $50 from PTO at the beginning of the year and $75 from DES from the hurricane donations.

    o   DES’s cafeteria sustained a lot of damage. The seam at the top opened up and with three days of rain, there was about two inches of water in it. Black mold was everywhere. Even though it has been thoroughly cleaned, it is still stained. Students will not be allowed back into it until further work is completed.

    o   Thank our teachers for their outstanding work in keeping DES students on track while school was out. Pop-up sessions were not required by Onslow County. Principal Reed required DES teachers to hold pop-up sessions.

    ·         Fundraising -   

    o   PTO and DES fundraisers are separate. DES has to abide by NC policies regarding fundraising. They are only allowed to have two fundraisers a year and they have to be clear about what fundraising will be used for (whereas PTO can handle funds how they see fit without adhering to NC policies on this). 

    §  NC state budget DOES NOT cover everything the school needs to keep running. Fundraising money assists with DES’s bills, teacher trainings, etc.

    §  Previous fundraisers like Candy Man brought in a 40 % profit for DES. DES needs to raise about $30,000-$40,000 from a fundraiser.

    §  Charleston Wrap – personalized wrapping paper was going to replace Candy Man this fall. However, due to the hurricane, we missed the boat on this.

    o   As a 1 of 10 Global Ready Schools in NC, we have a requirement to continue Global Ready Recruiting.  These yearly recruiting trips are paid for by our fundraisers. They help bring in amazing staff members (like Mrs. Rowe and Mr. Hughes) and assist in lowering the teacher shortage in this area.

    o   An easy fundraiser would be to ask parents/guardians for a flat out donation instead of having a fundraiser like Candy Man. This alleviates selling products. Something along the lines of “I’d gladly pay $50 to not be hassled with fundraisers through the school year” could be very beneficial. PayPal may be an option and may open up fundraising to people who still want to donate to DES.

    ·         Pick-Up/Drop-Off –   

    o   The current afternoon pick-up situation is not perfect BUT it works!

    §  A lot of parents complain about pick-up but it has proven to be the safest and fastest way to get 1,100 students home. Getting 600 students into parents’ hands in less than 7 minutes is a feat in itself! With 1,100 students, we have to do what works.

    o   January 2, 2019 is the cutoff date for parents to park and walk their children into the school. Dropping off and walking students in backs up traffic and the Kiss and Go Lane will move much quicker once this process is in place.

    o   The safety of DES students is the biggest concern. DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILDREN OFF IN THE PARKING LOT! 


    ·         Monthly minutes, events and bylaws are all available on the DES website -https://www.onslow.k12.nc.us/dixones under the “Families” tab in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

    ·         The “Getting to Know Your Teacher” questionnaires will be updated on the DES website soon.

    ·         HUGE thank you to our community for the fundraisers and items collected to get our staff and students back on track after the hurricane.

    ·         A PTO trailer clean-up day will be planned soon. Volunteers are needed. Supplies such as shelves and totes would be helpful to assist with organization.

    ·         PTO fire pit winner was picked at random. The winner was Barbie Alligood (Kairi Alligood is a first grader). Congrats Barbie!

    ·         If you would like to chair a position/volunteer please email dixonelempto@gmail.com.

    Next PTO Meeting: December 12, 2018 at 9:15 a.m. Location is TBD.

    Meeting Adjourned at 10:27 a.m.

    DES PTO Executive Board

    President - Stephanie Cornish 

    Vice President - Jennifer Conard

    Treasurer - Nicole Wolford

    Secretary - Natalie Transue

    DES PTO Meeting Minutes

    Tuesday, May 8, 2018

    1. Costs: We discussed that we increased spending on classrooms this year and next year we would like to increase the amount spent on family events.
    a. Pelicans snowball in lieu of last popcorn Friday May 4th. With a 25% return $1,046.90 was spent. (After popcorn money is totaled it will probably be about half of that) We also discussed the possibility of next year holding a spirit night at Pelicans, where we will get 20% of proceeds from that night from all patrons between a set time.
    b. Grade requests: Each grade requested items needed, IE: tempera paint, card stock, etc. We spent $300-$500 filling those request to cover the end of the year expenses.
    c. Admin/principal appreciation gifts: approximately $225 was spent.
    d. Teacher breakfast: $365.57
    2. Popcorn Friday:
    Snowballs on May 4th were a huge hit, and we discussed doing this again next year for the last popcorn Friday.
    3. Sanity Savers:
    There will be no more laminating done after May 24th. The reason why laminating is done Tuesdays and Thursdays and not daily is to cut costs and eliminate waste of materials.
    4. Grade Raffle:
    4th grade raffle raised approximately $621 to go towards their end of the year celebration. May 24th will be Kindergarten's Getaway raffle.
    5. Santa Shop:
    Next year we will be replacing the Santa shop with a new company, Fun Services. This new company is a NC based company, has nicer bags that are not transparent and that are self sealing. They also donate $250 in Fun Bucks that will cover our special shoppers that we normally provide money for them to shop out of our budget. There will be NC sport team paraphernalia, and 100 items for $5 or less.
    6. Survey Next year:
    We discussed doing a survey for teacher requests and needs for next year. We will also like to continue the Get-to-Know-You survey next year as well.
    7. Meeting Times:
    It was proposed, and discussed that we alternate meeting next year to allow for evening and daytime meetings, and agreed upon having
    a nightly meeting quarterly with the approval of the school. If approved it was discussed that the evening meeting should take place in the months of October, January and April. Meeting times, and information will be posted on the school Website as well as on Facebook, and remind messages will be sent as well.
    8. By-laws Amendments:
    The amended and approved by-laws are attached as a word document. A few highlighted discussions are as follows:
    A. There will be an executive committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. (all executive board members must attend a monthly board meeting ,at least 3 general membership meetings, 2 events, and be fingerprinted to serve on the board.)
    B. We will be adding dues next year not to exceed the amount of $3 per household, each household in good standing (dues were paid 14 calendar days prior to the meeting) will receive one vote.
    C. There will yearly elections starting next April with a special elections taking place this month, May 23rd.
    D. There will be a nominating committee,Hospitality, CHEW, Santa Shop, Box Tops, Fun Run, Popcorn Friday, Family Events, Audit, Volunteer Coordinating, Fundraising, Newsletter/publicity, and Parliamentarian (you can volunteer to be apart of any of these).
    E. All staff will be required to fill out a request form at least 5 days prior to the scheduled monthly meeting for monetary and volunteer needs.
    F. There will be 2 debit cards kept for PTO use, and all funds over $500 must have a majority vote at a general membership meeting. All financial and personal PTO information will be kept in a locked file at the school.
    G. The more in-dept by-laws were accepted and approved on May 8, 2018 but will not take effect until the beginning of the next calendar year on August 1, 2018.
    H. It was discussed that we look into the possibility of using PayPal instead of cash payments for fundraising next year.
    I. Special meetings can be held in between meetings with the request of 5 general members or 2 executive board members.

    March of every year will now be a nominating meeting, and April will be an election meeting. However, we will be opening up an election this month for the next school year. If you would like to run for an office please submit a written response on what position you would like to run for and why you would like to run. All nominations must be submitted by 12 pm May 15th. The nominating committee will collect nominations and the elections will take place Wednesday May 23rd at 9 am. All nominated executives will have to be fingerprinted to take office next year but do not have to be fingerprinted before this election.

    Previously appropriated funds will be used to purchase Picnic tables for outside the cafeteria, and benches on the playground.

    Jennifer Webb
    PTO Secretary
    CHEW Co-Chair
    Nominating Committee Chair