• ACT website: http://www.actstudent.org/

    SAT website: https://www.collegeboard.org/


    • It is recommended that juniors take the ACT/SAT at least once in the spring of their junior year.
    • Fortunately, NC DPI, in conjuction with ACT, provides the ACT for all juniors in the spring of each year, free of charge and on a school day.
    • JHS juniors will take the ACT in February. Start preparing NOW! There are many free resources to practice for the ACT and SAT
    • Once you receive your scores, (6 to 8 weeks after testing), you can make a determination of whether that score will meet the criteria for the colleges you are most interested in, or if you need to test again to try and improve your score.
    • You will need an ACT account to retest or to send scores to the colleges of your choice. You will create your account after you get your score report with your ACT ID Profile number, if you take it at school the first time. Register here. Once you go to the registration site, scroll down- there is information on ACT accounts if you tested at your high school

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