• Remind101!     Marching Band Performance    

    Students and parents are highly encouraged to sign up for these text alerts. We can alert people as soon as possible for impending weather, bus relocations or after school rehearsal changes!

    You must have all the uniform materials.

    Long black socks, full uniform, shoes, (helmet plume, sash, gauntlets assigned later).

    If you are missing any items, you will not be allowed to perform with the band.

    Jacksonville Holiday Parade

    715am            Doors Open
    745am            Doors Close
    755am            Load Buses
    810am            Depart Dixon
    900am             Arrive at CCCC through County Club road entrance
    945am            Parade Starts
    1130am          Parade Ends
    1145am          Depart Roses Parking Lot
    1200am          Return to Dixon- Parents meeting for pick up must be at the Roses parking lot immediately following the parade. We have students who need to be back at  school for Wrestling duties and volunteer work.