Parent Information

Parent Information

  • Schedule-
    The first week of practice for the 2023-24 term will be in August - actual date to be determined. Schedules will be Mon/Wed/Thurs of every week unless otherwise notified Football games are usually on Tuesdays and basketball games (January) are usually Tuesday and Thursday. Times vary from 4pm to 6pm starting.  

    Please arrange for prompt pick up. It is imperative that cheerleaders are picked up on time when a practice or game is over. Failure to pick up on time will result in a warning, if the issue persists the cheerleader will be removed from the team.

    Our competition has not been scheduled at this time. It is imperative that any absences are limited two weeks before competition. If possible, please do not schedule any appointments during these weeks. Practices will be longer at that time to prepare for the competition.

    Uniforms will be distributed the first week of school (or as the orders come in). Please maintain uniforms throughout entire season. It is important that you wash your uniform after every game and hang or lay flat to dry.  Any alterations to the uniforms can NOT be permanent.  Please have uniforms cleaned before turning them back in at the end of the season.  Any damage or lost uniform shell or skirt will be the financial responsibility of the Cheerleader. The croptop, bra, shorts, shoes, warm up jacket/pants, bag and bows are yours to keep.

    A Cheerleader who is failing when progress reports or report cards are issued will be put on two-week probation. The Cheerleader will have this time to improve her/his grades. While on probation, the Cheerleader may still participate in practice and games. If the grade is not brought up to a passing grade at the end of the probation period, she/he will be removed from the team.  Academics is the Cheerleaders' first priority.

    All notifications will be done through Remind and email.  If your email has changed or you have yet to submit your email, please notify me at or Charlotte Mitchell at