Useful Resources for Parents and Students

Ways to maintain your mental health during COVID-19

  • Khan Academy is a great tool for students and parents to use when they need more information about a subject. This website provides practice exercises and instructional videos. Best of all, this is a FREE resource. All you have to do is create an account and you are ready to learn!

  • If you are experiencing a medical/mental health emergency, please call 911, use the Say Something app (found under Quick Links on the HCMS website), or contact Integrated Family Services' Mobile Crisis at 1-866-437-1821 or use their Online Chat feature.

  • As we continue adapting to our new normal, students may need help understanding COVID-19 and parents may need help knowing how to answer questions about it. These tools will help you navigate through discussions about COVID-19. 


  • COVID-19 may cause a wide variety of emotions, including stress and anxiety. It is important to maintain good mental and emotional health during this time. Take time to "sharpen your saw" daily because self-care is crucial. For more information, check out these resources.