• 1 -pair of computer headphones or child-size Ear Buds (labeled with student’s name)

    1 -one-inch binder with hard cover and clear display window (any color/design)

    1- pack of dividers (set of 5)

    2- packs of #2 pencils with eraser

    3- boxes of 24 count crayons 

    1– box of washable skinny Crayola markers 

    1- box of colored pencils 

    1 -plastic pencil box to keep on their desk. (labeled with name) 

    16- glue sticks 

    6- Composition Books (non-spiral, typically marbled covered- any color or design) 

    1 pack- Pencil top erasers 

    1-pack of copy paper – colored 

    1-pack of expo markers 

    1-Folder (any design/character/color)

    1 pair of scissors (Fiskars or similar brand)

    Please bring all supplies to Meet the Teacher on August 23rd from 3-6 PM. All items will be labeled then.

    ***Donations of tissues and clorox wipes are greatly appreciated. ***