• Spelling:

    The students will have weekly spelling words each Monday. They will be responsible for the spelling test on Friday. However, there will NOT be nightly spelling homework. The students will be working with their words in class. I will be sending home a sheet titled “Ways to Practice Spelling Words”: This sheet will provide ideas to study words for the test on Friday.



    The reading and math homework are designed to reinforce what is being taught in class. Although the homework is formatted for the week, it is expected that homework assignments should be completed DAILY.


    Reading Fluency:

    Voice and intonation are essential for students to be able to read at a comfortable pace. Students will receive a one-minute passage each Monday. They will read the same passage nightly. Please time your student for one minute. Correct any errors and record. It is important to MODEL, MODEL, MODEL fluency!


    Homework is collected on Fridays. There are inserts within the homework folder that I encourage you to use with your child to assist in nightly reading (question stems, nonfiction text features, questions to ask after reading fiction/nonfiction texts). It is imperative that these strategies are used to enhance your child’s learning! Please go over homework each night after it is completed, as well as any skills sheet that may be sent home for review.

    Remember that you play a critical role in your child's education!